“Tasmania Day 5 - Around the South East Coastline.” is a safe, twisty, scenic motorcycle ride in Tasmania, Australia.
Jamie Kehoe
Jamie Kehoe
November 24, 2021

Riding around the coastline and visiting Bruny Island for a strap.

ride visits Hobart, Alonnah, Kettering, Middleton, Cygnet, Lymington and 9 other places.
  • Jetty Beach Campground

  • Riding from here in the morning - heading to the ferry back to Tasmania Mainland.

  • Cape Bruny Lighthouse.

    at 4km
  • Ride to Cape Bruny.

  • Alonnah

    at 27km
  • Bruny Island Wild Cafe

    at 67km
  • Ride to the northermost tip of Bruny Island.

  • Boat Ramp Roberts Point

    at 86km
  • Ride back to the Boatramp to Tasmania Mainland.

  • Back to Kettering Ferry Terminal

    at 89km
  • Kettering Ferry Terminal.

  • Middleton

    at 102km
  • Verona Sands

    at 116km
  • Ride around the waters edge to Verona Sands.

  • Cygnet

    at 135km
  • Lymington

    at 140km
  • Ripples Ant Farm

    at 146km
  • More riding on the coastal way.

  • Cradoc

    at 163km
  • Huonville

    at 172km
  • Ride to Huonville for lunch.

  • Franklin

    at 179km
  • Port Huon

    at 190km
  • Geeveston

    at 192km
  • Surveyors Bay

    at 214km
  • Check out more of the coastline.

  • Dover

    at 224km
  • Whale Lookout

    at 268km
  • See if we can see whales and then head off back to Hobart.

  • Huonville

    at 351km
  • Ranelagh

    at 352km
  • Grove

    at 358km
  • Longley

    at 368km
  • Final rest stop in Hobart

    at 389km
  • Maybe book a hotel in Hobart.

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