“Tasmania Day 3 - Queenstown to Strathgordon Dam.” is a motorcycle ride in Tasmania, Australia.
Jamie Kehoe
Jamie Kehoe
November 24, 2021

Riding around from Queenstown to Strathgordon.

ride visits Queenstown, Gormanston, Ouse, Ellendale, Glenora, Westerway.
  • Queenstown Cabin & Tourist Park

    at 2km
  • Leaving and heading East toward Hobart.

  • Gormanston

    at 7km
  • Derwent Bridge

    at 87km
  • Place to fill up on fuel and food. On the way east after riding past lakes.

  • Ouse

    at 163km
  • Still heading east on the Lyell Hwy.

  • Turn off toward C608

    at 168km
  • Heading toward Ellendale.

  • Ellendale

    at 182km
  • Riding through Ellendale on the way to Strathgordon.

  • Glenora

    at 192km
  • Westerway

    at 193km
  • National Park

    at 199km
  • Florentine

    at 233km
  • Heading toward the Strathgordon Dam.

  • Strathgordon Dam

    at 295km
  • Ride until we reach the end to see the Dam.

  • Teds Beach

    at 310km
  • Free camping by the lake. BBQ and toilets and showers.

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