“TAKING MY GIRL FOR A RIDE” is a motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
James Jarrett
James Jarrett
May 15, 2020

Broom brooooom😂🤣😎

ride visits Raworth, Morpeth, Clarence Town, Dungog, Martins Creek, Lostock and 3 other places.
  • Raworth

    at 6km
  • Morpeth

    at 6km
  • Clarence Town

    at 36km
  • Dungog

    at 58km
  • Martins Creek

    at 83km
  • Lostock

    at 120km
  • Gresford

    at 140km
  • Cessnock

    at 216km
  • Neath

    at 221km
  • Our ride K&J

    at 255km
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