“Sydney to Phillip Island and back - 4 days” is a motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
March 8, 2007
  • Woy Woy Bay

  • Start out at 7am

  • Stopped for lunch

    at 352km
  • Bombala

    at 529km
  • The road from Bombala to Cann River is a great ride sweeping corners trees on both sides of the road.

  • Cann River

    at 609km
  • The road from Cann River to Orbost is also great winding roads through hills, plenty of overtaking lanes and annoying signs about Microsleeps and Powernaps :)

  • Orbost

    at 674km
  • Some more nice road from Orbost to Nowa Nowa. ( I have also heard its great from Orbost to Bombala, vai the back road )

  • Lakes Entrance

    at 725km
  • Overnight stop, at about 6pm

  • San Remo

    at 1020km
  • Saturday at the races for Superpole and Overnight at San Remo.

  • Warragul

    at 1158km
  • Theres some nice roads from Warragul to Yarra Junction

  • Yarra Junction

    at 1226km
  • Some great road from here to Healesville. (I've also been told its great up to Marysville also)

  • Healesville

    at 1243km
  • from here to Narbethong is what I rate the best road of the trip, windy, sweeping corners, tight corners, perfect surface, smooth. And the Trees are awesome tall trees reaching to the sky.

  • Mansfield

    at 1368km
  • From here to Benalla is some nice winding roads, early start at ~7am and breakfast at Benalla at the famous? bakery

  • Rain is pooring, boots filled up with water :(

    at 1897km
  • Pheasants Nest

    at 1963km
  • Fuel stop in pooring rain, but cleared up a bit by now.

  • Woy Woy Bay

    at 2099km
  • Got home at 5:30 pm

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