“Sunday Fun Day Sydney Adventist Motorcycle Ministry” is a twisty, scenic motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
Felix Lawi
Felix Lawi
September 2, 2020

Join us for a Sunday Funday Ride to Wisemans Ferry, grab some lunch at the Convicts Kiosk or the Wombat Cafe. Take a Ferry ride accross the Hawkesbury River and continue the nature ride back towards the Mooney Mooney Bridge back home.

ride visits Liverpool, Hornsby, City of Parramatta, Parramatta, Clyde.
Good surface
  • Meeting point Start

  • Refuel and Briefing

  • Liverpool

    at 0km
  • 1st Check point Convict Rd Kiosk

    at 78km
  • Stop by for refuel/snacks or Lunch

  • Check Point

    at 121km
  • Refueling Check Point

    at 133km
  • Check Point

    at 146km
  • Over the Mooney Mooney Bridge

    at 164km
  • Hornsby

    at 188km
  • City of Parramatta

    at 207km
  • Parramatta

    at 207km
  • Make Your own way Home

    at 208km
  • Clyde

    at 209km
  • Conclusion of the Ride

    at 219km
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