“Steak Sandwich & Beer Run” is a scenic, twisty, difficult motorcycle ride in Western Australia.
December 27, 2013
ride visits Rockingham, Perth, North Dandalup, Dwellingup, Waroona, Coolup and 3 other places.
On Road
Poor visibility
Poor surface
Good surface
  • North Beach

  • Head up Reid Hway towards Midland

  • Noranda

    at 14km
  • Bear left just before Lights to stay on Reid Hway

  • Midland

    at 23km
  • Cross Over Great Northern - becomes Roe Highway first left onto Toodyay Rd

  • Take it easy along - favourite place to catch bikes in 60km ...

    at 25km
  • Take it easy along - favourite place to catch bikes in 60km zone -

  • Servo -

    at 25km
  • Popular jump off point to top up and/or meet others

  • O'Brien's Road

    at 35km
  • Things to watch for - Honky Nuts, Gravel kicked up on corners, sheep, roos, emus, utes with trailers, tractors, boy racers with more ambition than skill/courtesy for other riders

  • Hairpin

    at 45km
  • great corners from here on for next few kms

  • Clenton Road

    at 49km
  • This T intersection creeps up on you if you are punting it - good catch up point to re-group - turn right here

  • Berry Road

    at 55km
  • Turn right here

  • Toodyay Rd (Again)

    at 64km
  • Pull over to left and re-group again

  • Stoneville Rd

    at 76km
  • Turn Left here - head to Mundaring

  • Stoneville

    at 84km
  • Turn Left for Parkerville Tavern or Right for Mt Helena Tavern (both have changed owners recently and gone more "upmarket")

  • Mundaring

    at 87km
  • Straight over at lights

  • Mundaring Weir Roundabout

    at 92km
  • Right to continue riding or Straight ahead for Mundaring Weir Hotel (lots of bikes here - hard to find a park on weekend - harder to get a beer!)

  • Pump station

    at 94km
  • Decreasing radius corner coming up - keep eye out on left for vehicles re-entering road from parking/observation points and or dickheads coming other way and drifting to wrong side of road

  • Mundaring Weir Road

    at 94km
  • high enforcement - Anywhere else it'd be 100-110kmh ...here its 60-70-80 kmh limits - because you are NOT allowed to have fun in WA on a bike

  • Aldersyde Road

    at 102km
  • Turn Right here for next dam and more twisties or shorten route and go straight ahead to end up in Kalamunda

  • Bickley (Walnut Road)

    at 104km
  • Turn left

  • Paterson Road

    at 106km
  • Turn Right here

  • Pickering Road

    at 110km
  • Turn Left here then first right

  • Pickering Brook (Merrivale Rd)

    at 110km
  • Turn Left for Pit stop at Core Cidery (if timing is right - not open Mon or Tue)

  • Pickering Brook - Canning Road

    at 113km
  • Turn Left onto Canning Road

  • Karragullen Gull Servo

    at 120km
  • Turn Left then First right

  • Gardiner Rd

    at 121km
  • Turn Right here

  • Croyden Rd

    at 124km
  • Continue bearing right onto Croyden Rd

  • Kelmscott - Albany Highway

    at 133km
  • Turn Left onto Albany Highway

  • Armadale

    at 136km
  • Continue through Lights onto South Western Highway

  • Byford Caltex Servo

    at 144km
  • Top up fuel & Water/drinks here for next bush leg to Jarrahdale via Nettleton Road

  • Nettleton Road

    at 152km
  • Emus/Roos abound (aim for the tail!)

  • Jarrahdale Road

    at 158km
  • Turn Right up to Jarrahdale

  • Jarrahdale Pub

    at 159km
  • Bike friendly - popular watering hole for bikes on weekends (Closed most Mondays)

  • Kingsbury Drive

    at 160km
  • Turn Right Here for Serpentine Dam - narrow and lots of Honky nuts

  • Cafe on the Dam

    at 168km
  • Stretch bum have a water/coffee or keep going for more twisties

  • Karnet

    at 178km
  • Turn Left onto SW Hwy - 20kms or so up to Liberty Servo and then left at Del Park Road

  • Liberty Servo - Del Park Road

    at 196km
  • Turn Left - towards Dwellingup - Caution 90kmh limit most of the way and Mr Plod likes putting rear facing cameras in to make sure no one has too much fun

  • Dwellingup

    at 214km
  • Turn Left at Pinjarra-Williams Road then Right onto Nanga Rd

  • Dwellingup

    at 219km
  • Nanga Rd

    at 220km
  • cool corners and sweepers

  • Nanga Brook Road

    at 229km
  • Straight ahead for road bike hell (pea gravel) or turn right for some of the best roads within 100kms of Perth)

  • Narrow Bridge

    at 234km
  • Watch out for hikers/cyclists/kids and campers around this area

  • Drakesbrook Hotel Waroona

    at 252km
  • Time for a Steak Sanga, a cold Pint a chat and then decide if we go back same way or back up SW Hwy to Perth via Mandurah

  • BP Roadhouse Coolup

    at 265km
  • Has Premium 98 Unleaded

  • Pinjarra

    at 275km
  • Turn Left onto Patterson Road

  • Lakes Road

    at 286km
  • Turn Left on Lakes Rd

  • Kwinana Freeway

    at 288km
  • borrrring.....

  • Rockingham

    at 316km
  • City of Cockburn

    at 335km
  • Fixed Speed Camera around here

    at 347km
  • Mobile Camera

    at 350km
  • frequently here in 80 km/h zone

  • Perth

    at 350km
  • Fixed Speed Camera Here

    at 359km
  • Bear Left for Reid Hwy Exit

    at 362km
  • Turn Left on Reid Highway

    at 363km
  • 70km/h limit

  • Favourite spot for Hand Held Lasers

    at 363km
  • Trigg

    at 365km
  • Marmion Ave

    at 365km
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