“Spyders - Long Weekend Sun 9 Jun” is a scenic, easy motorcycle ride through New South Wales and ACT, Australia.
June 4, 2013
ride visits Canberra, Gundaroo, Gunning, Grabben Gullen, Crookwell, Narrawa and 6 other places.
On Road
  • Majura Maccas

  • Start @ 1000 Sun 9 Jun

  • Federal Hwy On Ramp

    at 10km
  • Sutton Road

    at 18km
  • Meet extras @ 1015

  • Gundaroo

    at 33km
  • Gunning

    at 63km
  • Should be about 1100 or a little earlier if nothing interesting pops up.

  • Grabben Gullen

    at 93km
  • Crookwell

    at 107km
  • Planning to grab lunch here - suggestions welcome.

  • Narrawa

    at 151km
  • Boorowa

    at 197km
  • Perhaps a stop here as the ride may have been interesting ... some may decide to RTB direct from here via Lachlan Valley Way

  • Burley Griffen Way

    at 232km
  • Another decision point - follow me to Harden or head for home ... I am going to a specific spot to photograph a house I helped build last century!

  • Murrumburrah

    at 237km
  • Marley, Barwang Road

    at 239km
  • The house that Stan and Vaughn built.

  • Binalong

    at 274km
  • Nice little pub here if we need it ...

  • Bowning

    at 295km
  • Passing through the town for old times sake ...

  • Yass Off Ramp

    at 301km
  • A waypoint just in case people or vehicles need fuel.

  • Murrumbateman

    at 331km
  • Roadside pause to say farewell to those who turn off early ...

  • Entering ACT

  • Hall

    at 352km
  • Perhaps a stop for farewells.

  • GDE

    at 359km
  • here I head for home ... make your own tracks from here!

  • Canberra

    at 363km
  • Tuggeranong

    at 384km
  • Roughly where Bydger Spyder is garaged

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