“Snohomish County Cruise” is a scenic, twisty, safe motorcycle ride in Washington, United States.
July 10, 2008
ride visits Everett, Snohomish, Machias, Lake Bosworth, Lake Roesiger, Woods Creek.
On Road
Low traffic
Good visibility
Good surface
Excellent surface
  • Snohomish

  • The Pilchuck Drive in - a good place to eat

  • Everett

    at 0km
  • Now leaving town, speed picks up.

    at 2km
  • Old Machias Road

    at 5km
  • There is a small hill with a busy intersection here. You don't have the stop but watch for people turning as you approach the hill and play it safe as you push on through.

  • Kuhlman Straights

    at 5km
  • A lot of cars come off Dubuque road, watch for surprises. Also, there is a large school at the end of the straightaway, so watch for cops and kids.

  • Machias

    at 8km
  • Turn right, cross the centenial trail. Lots of residences here, not too fast.

  • Machias Store, last gas for a while. Turn right, cross the ...

    at 10km
  • Machias Store, last gas for a while. Turn right, cross the bridge.

  • Pilchuck River

    at 10km
  • Te pace starts to pick up again as you get away from the river.

  • Newberg Road

    at 12km
  • Turn left here. Newberg is fairly rural. It used to be in good shape, but may have deteriorated if the county hasn't maintained it.

  • Lake Bosworth

    at 16km
  • The roads around the lake are smaller with more residences so high speed might not be so good through here.

  • Lerch Road

    at 19km
  • Right on Lerch, watch for the switchback where you turn onto Robe Menzell Road.

  • N. Lake Roseiger Road

    at 26km
  • This is a good fast patch. If you want to keep to the fast, skip NW Lake Roesiger road and go straight on through. There is a nice little store and a lake front park you can stop at. There are a few surprising curves here too, so keep your eyes open.

  • NW Lake Roesiger Road

    at 30km
  • Watch out for that first turn! NW Lake Roesiger Road is pretty technical - no hard turns, but lots of hidden driveways and a lot of rolling hills. It really is fun, but be careful here - especially in the summer when people are out at their cabins.

  • Woods Creek road

    at 33km
  • Left on Woods Creek. This road is mostly smooth and fast.

  • Boyscout Camp

    at 34km
  • From here the road gets even more rural - hard as that is to believe. Its generally pretty good to ride fairly fast, no hard curves but one big sweeper at the old farm.

  • Old Farm Curve

    at 36km
  • Lake Cochran

    at 40km
  • The road surface can be kind of rough through here, depending upon how its been patched. Not sure why...

  • Woods Creek

    at 43km
  • You should reach the valley about here. More curves, a little rougher road surface.

  • Entering Monroe

    at 44km
  • You are starting to come in from the boonies now, best slow down the pace as there will be more traffic.

  • Monroe

    at 49km
  • Catch a quick left and shoot behind the stores

  • Monroe

    at 49km
  • Take a right. The shopping center has some fast food places. Go up highway 2 towards snohomish if you want others. They're all right on the highway.

  • Dowtown Monroe. The Mexican restaurant on your left is a gr...

    at 50km
  • Dowtown Monroe. The Mexican restaurant on your left is a great place to eat, by the way.

  • Police Station

    at 51km
  • State Pen on the left!

    at 52km
  • Old Snohomish Monroe Highway. Lots of driveways and local t...

    at 54km
  • Old Snohomish Monroe Highway. Lots of driveways and local traffic. There are lots of straigtaways on this road but its better to keep the pace safe and sane. Generally, this is a very pleasant ride.

  • Snohomish River valley

    at 61km
  • The road gets rougher here, watch out for the abrupt turn as you pass under the railroad tracks.

  • Snohomish

    at 63km
  • Back at the Pilchuck Drive In.

  • Back where you started

    at 63km
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