“Skaggs” is a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in California, United States.
December 13, 2006
On Road
Good visibility
Excellent surface
  • track entry

  • many view skaggs like a racetrack. there are guys out here who know every corner intimately and going from the "start" to the bridge and back is called a "lap". anyway, this is the entry. you're still too much in the residentials to open her up.

  • final approach

    at 3km
  • take a left here and start climbing

  • start/finish

    at 11km
  • you can make your start/finish anywhere but this is where i usually do it.

  • photo ops

    at 18km
  • this final section features some killer sweepers that also make for great action photo ops, especially when you're heading back up

  • half lap

    at 19km
  • stop here, turn around, and do the reverse. when you're back at the start/finish you've done one lap :)

    if you continue past this point, the road surface degrades greatly and you go through some wicked trees until you hit rt.1. it's a gorgeous ride, but very slow once you're in the forest.

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