“Seattle 911 (3/13)” is a motorcycle ride in Washington, United States.
Travis Allen
Travis Allen
March 10, 2021
ride visits Everett, Snohomish, Machias, Lake Bosworth, Granite Falls, Lake Roesiger.
  • Snohomish library

  • Everett

    at 0km
  • Right on South Machias Rd

    at 8km
  • Right on OK Mill Rd

    at 9km
  • Left on Robe Menzel Rd

    at 22km
  • Lake Bosworth

    at 26km
  • Turn Right on E Union St and park

    at 30km
  • Right on S Alder Ave then Left on Menzel Lk

    at 31km
  • Stay left on Menzel Lk Rd

    at 40km
  • Lake Roesiger

    at 44km
  • Turn Right on Dubuque Rd

    at 48km
  • Three Lakes

    at 55km
  • Left on S Machias Rd. Back to Library

    at 66km
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