“Sarbucks in Novi on12 mile out around GM proving grounds.” is a motorcycle ride in Michigan, United States.
July 28, 2015
ride visits Walled Lake, Wixom, Milford.
  • Starbucks - 12 MI Rd. Novi

  • Starbucks - 27855 Cabot Dr
    Novi, MI 48377

  • North on Haggerty Rd.

    at 3km
  • West on W. 14 Mile Rd.

    at 6km
  • Walled Lake

    at 9km
  • North on Wixom Rd.

    at 14km
  • W. on Wixom Rd.

    at 19km
  • North on N. Wixom Rd.

    at 21km
  • West on Wixom Trail.

    at 23km
  • West on Atlantic St.

    at 25km
  • Milford

    at 25km
  • West on W. Huron St.

    at 26km
  • W. General Motors Rd.

    at 28km
  • W. Huron St runs into General Motors Dr.

  • North on N. Hicory Ridge Trail.

    at 31km
  • West on Lone Tree Rd.

    at 36km
  • Get ready to turn Left South on N. Pleasant valley rd.

    at 39km
  • South on N. Pleasant Valley Rd.

    at 40km
  • Trough roundabout to Kensington Rd.

    at 46km
  • South on Kensington Rd.

    at 48km
  • East on Silver Lake Rd.

    at 55km
  • Turns into Pontiac Trail Rd.

    at 59km
  • North on Milford Rd.

    at 60km
  • East on W. Pontiac Trail Rd.

    at 62km
  • South on S. Wixom Rd.

    at 69km
  • East on West Rd.

    at 71km
  • N.E. on W. Park Drive.

    at 73km
  • East on S. Lake Dr.

    at 75km
  • East on W. 13 Mile Rd.

    at 76km
  • South on Calbot Dr.

    at 79km
  • Finish.

    at 80km
  • Back at Starbucks on 12 mile

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