“Ride To Ron's” is a safe motorcycle ride in Texas, United States.
June 14, 2010
On Road
Low traffic
  • Houston

  • WallMart Murphy's Gas Island

  • Turn onto Grant Rd

    at 5km
  • Turn onto Cypress-Rose Hill

    at 12km
  • turn onto Jurgen Rd

    at 14km
  • Rode Hill

    at 22km
  • Stop at Chevron to pick up other riders. Go west on 2920

  • Rose Hill

    at 22km
  • Chevron Spring Creek Country Store

  • Turn onto Roberts Cemetery Rd

    at 24km
  • Turn on Nichols Sawmill Rd

    at 30km
  • Turn on Macedonia Rd

    at 34km
  • Turn onto Joseph Rd

    at 38km
  • turn onto FM 1488

    at 46km
  • Waller

    at 54km
  • turn onto FM 1736

  • turn onto Howell Rd

    at 60km
  • Waller

    at 62km
  • Ron;s Relay Retreat Bar & Grill

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