“Windsor, up the Putty and back” is a motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
June 10, 2020
ride visits Richmond, Colo, Putty, Bulga.
  • Windsor

  • Richmond

    at 0km
  • Wilberforce

    at 5km
  • Colo River

    at 23km
  • Colo Heights Caltex, fill up here, 215km back to here

    at 39km
  • Grey Gum Cafe

    at 84km
  • Putty

    at 91km
  • Milbrodale Rd, return Point.

    at 146km
  • Bulga

    at 147km
  • Grey Gum Cafe

    at 206km
  • Colo Heights Caltex, fill up if required, 30km to next fuel station

    at 253km
  • Windsor to end

    at 293km
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