“Port Macquarie - Comboyne - Wauchope - Port Macquarie” is a twisty motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
May 12, 2010
ride visits North Haven, Dunbogan, Camden Haven, Kew, Kendall, Lorne and 5 other places.
On Road
Good surface
  • Port Macquarie

  • Start at Rotary Park or any of the parking areas at the seaward end of the town.
    From here you are going to head south along the coast road.

  • Coast road between Port and Lake Cathie

    at 13km
  • The end closest to Port Macquarie includes a protected area where the Australian Christmas Bell grows naturally.

  • Lake Cathie

    at 17km
  • Pronounced "Cat Eye".
    Call it "Cathie" and everyone will know you are a tourist!

  • Bonny Hills

    at 25km
  • Go to the headland in the caravan park, opposite the general store, and look back along 27 kms of untouched beach towards Tacking Point. This view is the same now as it was 50 years ago.

  • Grant's Head

    at 28km
  • A great beach for "being alone".

  • North Haven

    at 30km
  • A nice place to stop, opposite the little park. Good coffee and I recommend the "full breakfast".

  • Dunbogan

    at 30km
  • Laurieton

    at 32km
  • If you want to browse into Laurieton it won't take you off the route.

  • North Brother Mountain

    at 35km
  • Known locally as "Laurieton" mountain. Take the drive to the lookout and grab a magnificent view of the coast north to Port Macquarie and south towards Taree. Middle Brother and South Brother mountains are also seen from this vantage point.

  • Kew

    at 39km
  • The junction with the Pacific Highway. The Kew pub has been there since the dawn of civilisation. Good counterlunch. Head towards Kendall.

  • Kendall

    at 42km
  • Named after the poet, Henry Kendall, this town used to be a major rail hub up until the 1970's, the shipping point for timber, milk from the dairy farms and tourists heading to the coast. Now seeing a resurgence as an "arty" town.

  • Upsall's Creek

    at 48km
  • This entire area between Kendall and Comboyne was traditionally dairy and timber production. Over the years, whilst still producing milk and fine timber, many "outsiders" have moved in to either retire or become involved in other activities.

  • Lorne

    at 53km
  • More a location than anything else. There is a significant Macadamia-nut plantation in this area. Worth visiting.

  • Comboyne

    at 73km
  • Like Kendall, seeing a resurgence in popularity and population. The old milk factory has become a boutique cheese factory with some excellent produce.

  • Byabarra

    at 89km
  • Oxley Highway

    at 100km
  • Comboyne Rd. joins the Oxley Highway. Turn right to head towards Wauchope.

  • Huntingdon

    at 103km
  • Wauchope

    at 110km
  • Once the centre of a major timber industry, Wauchope has seen better days.

  • Pacific Highway

    at 121km
  • If you are feeling like fast-food, there is a Macca's at the service centre, just past the circular junction.
    Follow the Oxley Hwy into Port.

  • Destination - Port Macquarie

    at 132km
  • The end of the circular route.
    I hope you enjoyed it.

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