“Plainland Loop” is a motorcycle ride in Queensland, Australia.
Laurence Brown
Laurence Brown
September 25, 2021

Good scenery and some curves to enjoy.

ride visits Gatton, Winwill, Pilton, Allora, Aratula, Perrys Knob and 2 other places.
  • Plainland Hotel

  • Warrego Hwy turnoff

    at 20km
  • Gatton

    at 30km
  • Winwill

    at 39km
  • Ma Ma Creek

    at 45km
  • Pilton

    at 80km
  • New England Hwy turn

    at 88km
  • Allora

    at 101km
  • Goomburra Rd turnoff

    at 105km
  • Cunningham Hwy turnoff

    at 127km
  • Aratula

    at 172km
  • Tarome Rd turnoff

    at 181km
  • Roseval rd turn

    at 195km
  • Turn left

    at 224km
  • Perrys Knob

    at 231km
  • Warrego Hwy turn left

    at 240km
  • Prenzlau

    at 244km
  • Beer & Lunch time

    at 255km
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