“Penrith - Walcha ” is a twisty, difficult motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
November 22, 2017
ride visits Richmond, Comleroy, Colo, Bulga, Singleton, Glendon Brook and 7 other places.
On Road
Good surface
  • Penrith

  • Meeting Sheel Service Station Penrith Mulgoa Road

  • Straight onto Castlereagh Road

    at 3km
  • Richmond

    at 24km
  • Left Turn onto Kurrajong Road

  • Kurmond

    at 33km
  • Right Turn onto Comleroy Road

  • Comleroy

    at 35km
  • Right Turn onto East Kurrajong Road

  • Putty

    at 49km
  • Left Turn onto Putty Road

  • Colo

    at 59km
  • Gery Gum Cafe

    at 120km
  • Grey Gum Cafe Break

  • Bulga

    at 186km
  • Putty Road

    at 200km
  • Stay on Putty Road into Singleton

  • Singleton

    at 209km
  • Straight Ahead onto queen Street/Gresford Road

  • Gresford

    at 222km
  • Left Turn onto Glendonbrook Road

  • Glendon Brook

    at 229km
  • Patterson River Bridge

    at 249km
  • Patterson River Bridge

  • Gresford

    at 250km
  • Gresford Cafe - Right Turn onto Durham Road

  • Gresford Caltex

    at 252km
  • Gresford Caltex 95 Fuel

  • East Gresford

    at 252km
  • Left Turn onto Park Street/Allyn River Road

  • Gresford

    at 254km
  • Bingleburra Road

    at 255km
  • Right Turn onto Bingleburra Road to Dungong

  • Sugarloaf Road

    at 274km
  • Right Turn onto Sugarloaf Road to Dungong

  • Chichester Dam Road

    at 276km
  • Chichester Dam Road right Turn to Dungong

  • Dungong

    at 282km
  • Left Turn Dowling Street/Stroud Hill Road towards Gloucester

  • Karuah River Bridge

    at 298km
  • Karuah River Bridge

  • Stroud

    at 302km
  • Left Turn onto Bucketts Way

  • Stroud Cafe/Fuel

    at 306km
  • Craven

    at 334km
  • Gloucester

    at 347km
  • Gloucester Fuel Caltex

  • Gloucester

    at 351km
  • Let\ft Turn onto Thunderbolts Way

  • Barrington River Bridge

    at 355km
  • Barrington River Bridge

  • Thunderbolts Way

    at 355km
  • Right Turn to Stay on Thunderbolts Way

  • Manning River Bridge

    at 370km
  • Manning River Bridge

  • Nowendoc

    at 426km
  • Orandumbie

    at 476km
  • Walcha

    at 493km
  • Walcha Fuel Caltex & Overnight Stop

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