“Myakka City” is a safe, easy, scenic motorcycle ride in Florida, United States.
Mike Harness
Mike Harness
June 19, 2023

Not really *that* twisty but it still has some fun stretches for this part of Florida. About 3-½ hours as I recall but I'm riding a bagger and not in too big a hurry.

I alway go into this ride out of St Petersburg where I live on a full tank because there are only two places to get gas along the way when you'll need it at Duette, which is not always open, pretty rough, and really too soon to fill up and still make it home without filling up again and Myakka City, which is about 100 miles in and has a well stocked convenience store with lots of "brown" fried food, if your heart and stomach can handle it.

I almost always stop at the Bunker Hill Park pavillion just west of Duette though for the cool water fountain and clean bathroom. Nice park.

Be careful of the rough road surface on the single lane running for a few miles south then west of 674 and frankly, many of the tertiary roads in Hillsborough County but you'll notice and enjoy a remarkable improvement as soon as you enter Manatee County.

If you happen to take this ride, please post your comments and suggestions for improvements.


ride visits St. Petersburg, Wimauma, Myakka City, Old Myakka, Parrish.
Good visibility
Good surface
Low traffic
On Road
  • St. Petersburg

    at 5km
  • Wimauma

    at 74km
  • Bunker Hill Park

    at 105km
  • Easy access to nice park with covered pavillion, tables, cool water fountain, and clean bathroom.

    The Duette Country Store just east of here is good for gas and not much else.

  • Myakka City

    at 149km
  • Handy gas and sip here and smart place to gas up and grab some brown fried food if your heart and stomach can handle it.

  • Old Myakka

    at 170km
  • Parrish

    at 210km
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