“Oxley Highway” is a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
December 16, 2006
ride visits Wauchope, Huntingdon, Ellenborough, Walcha.
On Road
Good surface
  • Wauchope

    at 0km
  • I prefer to do this ride ride up the mountain from Wauchope to Walch along the Oxley Highway - I find it's harder to get into trouble going uphill than down - but then most people can't stop once they start and they end up doing the ride in both directions.

  • Huntingdon

    at 8km
  • Long Flat

    at 28km
  • Stop here for refeshments before the serious riding begins. I can recommend the Long Flat Cafe - you can also get fuel here - there's no fuel until you get to Ginger's Creek

  • Ellenborough

    at 33km
  • Sweeper Country

    at 38km
  • Fast riding along the river flats.

  • Mt Seaview Turnoff

    at 55km
  • Here's where it starts to get really exciting - you will have passed a sign that means what it says - 45km of Winding road.

  • Ginger's Creek

    at 78km
  • An execllent stopping point for a coffee and a rave to your friends about the ride you have had so far. Many people turn around and ride back up and down the mountain a few times. I'm not sure if they still do it, but you could get accommodation at Ginger's Creek - check before assuming that you can stay there.

  • Kangaroo Falls Road

    at 104km
  • You are out of the serious twisties now - enjoy a much faster open road with great scenery from here to Walcha. Watch out for 'Roos on dusk.

  • Walcha

    at 158km
  • Walcha is a great place to stay overnight. There are two motorcycle friendly places to stay in town - the New England Hotel Motel has motel style units and the Commercial Hotel that is a nicely renovated old pub with excellent dining facilities.

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