“Oberon to Bungonia return” is a scenic, twisty, easy motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
August 12, 2012
ride visits Oberon, Golspie, Laggan, Crookwell, Pejar, Goulburn and 2 other places.
On Road
Low traffic
Poor surface
Good surface
  • Oberon

    at 0km
  • Fueled up in Oberon.

  • Shooters Hill

    at 24km
  • Porters Retreat

    at 40km
  • Paling Yards

    at 65km
  • Abercrombie River

    at 68km
  • Steep twisties both sides of the river

  • Dirt starts here on Craigs Rd

    at 83km
  • Yalbraith

    at 88km
  • Golspie

    at 97km
  • Back on tar here. Nice sweeping bends from here to Laggan.

  • Laggan

    at 119km
  • Crookwell

    at 127km
  • Stopped for a late morning tea / early lunch.

  • Pejar dam

    at 146km
  • Goulburn

    at 170km
  • Bungonia

    at 200km
  • Bungonia State Conservation Area

    at 213km
  • Bungonia

    at 221km
  • Goulburn

    at 250km
  • Fueled up here in case there are trees down on the Range Trail and I have to back track.

  • Tarlo

    at 268km
  • Chatsbury

    at 276km
  • Myrtleville

    at 284km
  • Taralga

    at 292km
  • Richlands

    at 303km
  • Whoops! Not enough tread on the front tyre! Spat me unceremo...

    at 318km
  • Whoops! Not enough tread on the front tyre! Spat me unceremoniously on my back in the mud. Feeling sore, and knowing the track ahead could be similar/worse, I turn back.

  • Abercrombie River

    at 354km
  • Paling Yards

    at 356km
  • Porters Retreat

    at 381km
  • Shooters Hill

    at 398km
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