“Oberon Rockley Wyangala Crookwell Loop” is a scenic, twisty, easy motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
November 2, 2013
ride visits Oberon, Essington, Mandurama, Bigga, Binda, Crookwell and 2 other places.
On Road
Low traffic
Good surface
  • Edith Rd

    at 0km
  • Oberon

    at 8km
  • Fuel, food, accommodation, pubs, timber industry

  • Abercrombie Rd

    at 9km
  • Sewells Creek Rd

    at 13km
  • Essington

    at 24km
  • Dirt Starts Here

    at 24km
  • Essington

    at 26km
  • Lagoon Rd

    at 36km
  • Dirt Stops Here

    at 41km
  • Rockley

    at 42km
  • Pub

  • Rockley Newbridge Rd

    at 44km
  • Dirt starts about here

    at 48km
  • Old Lachlan Rd. This section of the Old Lachlan Rd is Closed...

    at 53km
  • Old Lachlan Rd. This section of the Old Lachlan Rd is Closed.

  • Rockley Newbridge Rd

    at 57km
  • Dirt Stops Here

    at 61km
  • Trunkey Rd

    at 62km
  • Old Lachlan Rd. Dirt starts Here. This section is open.

    at 67km
  • Dirt stops Here

    at 73km
  • Three Brothers Rd

    at 74km
  • Hobbys Yards

    at 76km
  • Barry Rd

    at 77km
  • Old Lachlan Rd, Dirt Starts Here. Really nice run through he...

    at 79km
  • Old Lachlan Rd, Dirt Starts Here. Really nice run through here, but its narrow so watch for cockies!

  • Dirt End Here

    at 86km
  • Neville

    at 88km
  • Neville Rd

    at 89km
  • Mandurama Neville Rd

    at 91km
  • Gallymont Rd

    at 99km
  • Dirt Starts about here

    at 102km
  • Gallymont

    at 105km
  • Snake Creek Rd is closed so we had to back track again.

    at 113km
  • Mandurama Neville Rd

    at 120km
  • Mandurama

    at 125km
  • Mid Western Highway

    at 126km
  • Mandurama

    at 128km
  • Lyndhurst

    at 129km
  • Mt McDonald Rd

    at 130km
  • Lyndhurst Bigga Rd

    at 132km
  • Garland

    at 134km
  • Dirt Starts About Here

    at 141km
  • Quartpot Rd

    at 144km
  • Clements Rd

    at 148km
  • Dirt Stops About Here

    at 156km
  • Reg Hailstone Way

    at 159km
  • Mt McDonald

    at 165km
  • Wyangala

    at 171km
  • Wyangala Rd

    at 172km
  • Tarrants Gap Rd. Dirt Starts Here.

    at 176km
  • Clements Gap. Good Views.

    at 187km
  • Reids Flat

    at 201km
  • Gulf Road Fire Trail

    at 203km
  • Dirt Ends About Here

    at 221km
  • Bigga

    at 224km
  • Bigga Rd

    at 225km
  • Bigga

    at 225km
  • Blanket Flat

    at 231km
  • Crooked Corner

    at 248km
  • Bathurst Goulburn Rd

    at 252km
  • Binda

    at 262km
  • Binda Rd

    at 264km
  • Crookwell

    at 281km
  • Laggan Rd

    at 283km
  • Laggan

    at 291km
  • Peelwood Rd

    at 293km
  • Golspie Rd

    at 295km
  • Golspie

    at 313km
  • Dirt Starts About Here

    at 314km
  • Cockatoo Rd

    at 319km
  • Yalbraith

    at 323km
  • Craigs Rd

  • Dirt Ends Gere

    at 327km
  • Taralga Rd

    at 328km
  • Abercrombie River

    at 341km
  • Paling Yards

    at 343km
  • Abercrombie Rd

    at 344km
  • Porters Retreat

    at 369km
  • Shooters Hill Rd

    at 372km
  • Shooters Hill

    at 385km
  • Oberon

    at 399km
  • Butter Factory Lane.

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