“Mt Colah to Morpeth” is a scenic, twisty, safe motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
February 1, 2009
ride visits Mulbring, Maitland, Raworth, Morpeth, Heddon Greta, Neath and 3 other places.
On Road
Good surface
  • Mt Colah

  • Mt Colah Hornsby ulysses start here for all rides. McDonalds carpark is on the cnr of Lady St and Pacific Hwy. Mt Colah. Caltex are about 1 km north on the highway and stock Vortex Premium (98 Ron) if you need to top up

  • Mt Kuringai

    at 5km
  • 80 kpm

  • Berowra F3 intersection

    at 6km
  • This only takes you towards Sydney/Parramatta on the F3. Keep on 83 to go North

  • Berowra

    at 7km
  • 60 zone starts after the F3 intersection
    This radar controlled road is a 60 zone. Long straight and safe road and therefore perfect trap.

  • Follow 83 signs. Veer left

    at 9km
  • Cowan

    at 12km
  • 60 zone. Radar patrolled and hidden road side radar seen at southern end of straight along railway line section

  • Start 80 kpm. Some road works as at Jan 2008 and 65kpm advis...

    at 13km
  • Start 80 kpm. Some road works as at Jan 2008 and 65kpm advisory signs due to loose road surface (washed loam/soil)

  • PITS Cafe . Cowan

    at 16km
  • Pie in the SkyMeeting place for Hornsby and other Ulysses branches and clubs

  • Brooklyn

    at 20km
  • Watch 60 kpm zone signs on north side of bridge

  • 60 kpm

    at 21km
  • Mooney Mooney

    at 21km
  • Follow 83 signs

  • Cheero Point

    at 23km
  • All 60 kpm ahead and policed. Watch rear mirrors for bikes overtaking.

  • Mt White

    at 32km
  • Up ahead on the right in the former Road Warrior Cafe closed down in Dec 2008 and reopening as a restaurant in 2009.

  • Mt White weigh station

    at 35km
  • Calga

    at 38km
  • Turn right and follow 83 signs

  • Turn left now and head up towards Peats Ridge

    at 38km
  • Calga

    at 39km
  • Keeping to the left we take a sweeping left loop that takes us up to the Peats Ridge Road. Full 360 degree loop.

  • Peats Ridge road commences

    at 40km
  • 100kpm road

  • Glenworth Valley

    at 42km
  • Horse riding signs on your left. 100 kpm from here on. Open road .Good visibility

  • Peats Ridge

    at 51km
  • A 60 kpm zone due to the quarry on your left and trucks entering regularly

  • School zone

    at 52km
  • Corrugated Cafe

    at 53km
  • Popular motorcycle stop. ULP (91) petrol across the road. Always busy with good food. Garden seating or verandah or inside seating. We may stop and collect riders here.

  • Central Mangrove

    at 55km
  • Watch the large cross road intersection.
    Speeds vary between 80kpm and 90 kpm

  • Springs road

    at 62km
  • Very narrow bitumen road but beautiful country side. Keep to the far left and watch for 4WDs

  • Bumble hill. Yarramalong

    at 66km
  • Very narrow but beautiful country side. Keep to the far left at all times. 60 kpm limit.

  • Yaramalong

    at 70km
  • Picturesque village with 50 kpm signs and pedestrians commonly encountered

  • Yarramalong road

    at 71km
  • Shady road with occasional loose surface after rain. Pretty countryside. Mainly 80kpm but some 60 kpm too.

  • Wyong Creek

    at 82km
  • Braithewaite Park

    at 85km
  • Look aout for Hue Hue Road turning left before the bridge over the freeway. Take Hue Hue Rd.

  • Wyee

    at 96km
  • After crossing the F3 we will be soon turning left and following the route 82 signs

  • Freemans Drive Morriset

    at 101km
  • Still on route 82

  • Cross F3

    at 111km
  • Cooranbong

    at 114km
  • 60 kpm

  • Freemans Waterhole

    at 127km
  • Brunkerville

    at 131km
  • Mt Vincent

    at 135km
  • Route 82. Mostly 80kpm .

  • Mulbring

    at 135km
  • Richmond Vale

    at 139km
  • Start Route 135

  • Pelaw Main

    at 145km
  • 60 kpm

  • Kurri Kurri

    at 147km
  • Follow Route 135 signs and turn rt at Lang Street at traffic lights at top of the hill.

  • Lang Street

    at 149km
  • Heddon Greta

    at 150km
  • Cliftleigh

    at 153km
  • Maitland

    at 158km
  • Approaching the New England Hwy where we turn right

  • Travel 2 kms before turning left into Melbourne Street. Ther...

    at 160km
  • Travel 2 kms before turning left into Melbourne Street. There is a Caltex station just a 200m further along the NE Hwy if we need fuel, with 98 RON in stock.

  • Howes Lagoon

    at 165km
  • Morpeth

    at 167km
  • Plenty of parking in the street but we may split up to get a spot each. Have lunch in this town.

  • Lunch destination.

    at 167km
  • Maitland

    at 174km
  • Heddon Greta

    at 183km
  • Kurri Kurri

    at 186km
  • Turn Rt at Mitchell

  • Turn left at Northcott St

    at 188km
  • Weston

    at 191km
  • Cessnock Road

    at 194km
  • Abermain

    at 196km
  • Neath

    at 197km
  • Cessnock

    at 203km
  • Wollombi Road

    at 205km
  • Follow through to Wollombi pub

  • BellBird Hts

    at 206km
  • Greta Main

    at 211km
  • Paxton

    at 213km
  • Millfield

    at 215km
  • Sweetmans Creek

    at 222km
  • Laguna

    at 239km
  • Yallambie

    at 245km
  • There are 35 kpm bends in one section through here and an up...

    at 246km
  • There are 35 kpm bends in one section through here and an uphill section is known as Lemmings Corner about 20 kms after Wollombi on this run home. Watch your speed.

  • Bucketty

    at 255km
  • Now on George Downs Drive

  • Jerrys Cafe

    at 271km
  • We will stop here briefly for a break. another 50 km to the PITS

  • Kulnura

    at 274km
  • Central Mangrove

    at 282km
  • Peats Ridge

    at 290km
  • Calga

    at 299km
  • Folow the Route 83 signs now.

  • Cheero Point

    at 313km
  • Mooney Mooney

    at 315km
  • Brooklyn Bridge

    at 316km
  • Pits Cafe Cowan

    at 321km
  • We finish the ride here.

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