“Mt Colah to Lithgow Secret Creek Cafe” is a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
October 23, 2010
ride visits Hornsby, Comleroy, Kurrajong Heights, Bilpin, Lithgow.
On Road
Excellent surface
  • Mt Colah

  • Start Lady St McDonalds

  • Asquith

    at 2km
  • Follow railway line

  • Hornsby

    at 4km
  • Waitara

    at 5km
  • Follow signs to Parramatta

  • Pennant Hills road

    at 6km
  • Normanhurst

    at 7km
  • Thornleigh

    at 9km
  • Pennant Hills

    at 11km
  • Turn into Boundary Rd

  • Newline road

    at 15km
  • round Corner

    at 19km
  • Turn rt at Round Corner

  • Roundabout

    at 21km
  • Annangrove

    at 29km
  • Turn at Edwards off Annangrove road

    at 31km
  • Nelson Rd

    at 32km
  • Box Hill

    at 34km
  • Old pitttown Road

    at 36km
  • After passing Boundary you have a left into Hanckel Rd coming up on your left

  • Stsart oakeville Rd

    at 39km
  • Hard left of Hanckel Rd

  • Oakeville

    at 40km
  • Big roundabout. Take third exit

  • Oakeville Road

    at 40km
  • Wolseley road

    at 41km
  • McGraths Hill

    at 43km
  • Turn rt at lights

  • Windsor

    at 44km
  • It is very Busy as you go through the roundabout with lots of cars and tourists. go straight ahead and cross the Hawkesbury

  • Freemans Reach road. Turn left

    at 45km
  • Freemans Reach

    at 49km
  • Take this rt turn carefully as it is quite blind

  • Kurmond road

    at 55km
  • Much of this 80kpm. Rural setting.

  • Tennyson

    at 59km
  • This is round about of sorts and you take the right turn.

  • Turn left sharp

    at 62km
  • Watch for traffic on your right

  • Kurmond Road intersection

    at 62km
  • Dangerous rt turn as there are no traffic lights. There is a BP on the Bells line of Road just 200 m after this turn. Regroup at BP.

  • Kurmond

    at 62km
  • Comleroy

    at 64km
  • Kurrajong

    at 65km
  • Kurrajong Hills

    at 68km
  • Winding road ahead. Uphill. 25 kpm corners

  • Kurrajong Heights

    at 70km
  • Bilpin

    at 81km
  • Tutti Fruiti is a good coffe stop here on the left side. Watch the gravel. 80 kpm zone. Stop here. Further up is the Pines cafe is a good stop for the home journey.

  • Berambing

    at 92km
  • Down hill run. Winding road. Nowhere to overtake much.

  • Mt Tomah

    at 94km
  • Very winding roads here with little room for error. Hilly and steep.

  • Bells Line of Road

    at 108km
  • A fair bit of this is 100kpm but it is narrow and you need to look ahead always and even behind for overtaking bikes and cars.

  • Bell weigh bridge

    at 115km
  • Good place on either side of Bell line of road to stop and wait for other riders. Strictly 60 kpm. The Darling causeway on the left takes you on to Mt victoria for a good counter lunch on another day and there are always lots of bikes there.

  • Bell

    at 115km
  • Dargan

    at 118km
  • Newnes Plateau

    at 120km
  • Clarence

    at 124km
  • The zig Zag railway is on the right and you may see a steamer running as you ride

  • Lithgow

    at 131km
  • This is a 50kpm zone and patrolled

  • Tank Street intersection

    at 132km
  • Turn right here on Mort St. Lights.

  • Lithgow

    at 132km
  • Tank St Lithgow

    at 132km
  • You cross a road bridge over the railwayline. There are somer nice motorcycle friendly cafes in Main Street

  • Secret Creek Cafe

    at 134km
  • 35 Crane road/ Tel 6352 1133

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