“3 Caves (almost) Mittagong to Arcadia” is an offroad, twisty, difficult motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
January 3, 2013
ride visits Mittagong, Hampton, Bowenfels, Lithgow, Bilpin, Sackville Reach.
  • Mittagong

    at 1km
  • 8am Time for breakfast (1.5 hours from home)

  • keep right (don't go on motorway)

    at 4km
  • road now Wombeyan Caves Rd

    at 5km
  • Tunnel

    at 28km
  • Wollondilly River

    at 45km
  • weir and amazing camping on river

  • Wombeyan Caves (almost)

    at 54km
  • Turn right Langs Rd (if you are keen quick detour by Wombeyan Caves)

  • did want to go right on Maneleveland Fire Trail but shows as...

    at 58km
  • did want to go right on Maneleveland Fire Trail but shows as "No through Rd"

  • right Goker Fire Track (don't go back to Wombeyan Caves)

    at 62km
  • keep left (don't follow Goker Fire Track)

    at 64km
  • right Range Fire Trail

    at 67km
  • keep left on The range fire trail

    at 72km
  • trail now Mount Fatigue Fire Track

    at 80km
  • Left on Uni Rover Track

    at 86km
  • Mt Waring

    at 89km
  • track now Wattle Creek Track

  • right

    at 97km
  • right Banshea Rd

    at 99km
  • left Kanangra Walls Rd

    at 107km
  • keep right - now on Bouchers Fire Track

    at 110km
  • Camping area - road now Kowmung Fire Track

    at 112km
  • creek crossing ( 30cm would be 2x to 3x that if wet)

    at 112km
  • Kowmung River Crossing

    at 114km
  • crossing around 50cm would be 2x that if wet

  • keep left

    at 118km
  • Kanangra Walls (almost)

    at 124km
  • left Kanangra Rd (could take quick detour to look at Kanagra Walls

  • right Jenolan Caves Rd

    at 138km
  • Jenolan Caves

    at 143km
  • late lunch

  • Hampton

    at 166km
  • left McKanes Falls Rd

    at 181km
  • Bowenfels

    at 187km
  • left Great Western Hwy

  • Lithgow

    at 192km
  • Right Main St

    at 193km
  • Lithgow

    at 194km
  • Bilpin

    at 242km
  • left Mountain Lagoon Rd

    at 243km
  • Mountain Lagoon

    at 255km
  • right Comleroy Rd

    at 263km
  • left Blaxlands Ridge Rd

    at 272km
  • Blaxlands Ridge

    at 274km
  • left Putty Rd

    at 282km
  • right Packer Rd

    at 283km
  • right West Portland Rd

    at 286km
  • left Sackville Ferry Rd

    at 294km
  • Sackville Ferry

    at 298km
  • right Wisemans Ferry Rd

    at 304km
  • South Maroota

    at 306km
  • left Halcrows Rd

    at 315km
  • left Cattai Ridge Rd

    at 322km
  • right Old Northern Rd

    at 329km
  • left Wylds Rd

    at 330km
  • Arcadia

    at 332km
  • left Arcadia Rd

  • Andys Cafe

    at 332km
  • Good place for coffee
    arrived 7:20pm, 11 hours with stops, flat trye and breakdown (+ 1.5hrs to get to Mittagong)

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