“Bikerz Ride 2: Marble Falls - Lake Buchanan - Sunset Valley” is a scenic, twisty, difficult motorcycle ride in Texas, United States.
March 7, 2009
ride visits Austin, Sunset Valley, Lost Creek, Four Points, Volente, Nameless and 7 other places.
On Road
Good visibility
Good surface
  • Austin

  • Sunset Valley

  • Barton Creek Greenbelt

    at 4km
  • Heading NW, Cap Texas Hgwy / 360

  • Lost Creek

    at 8km
  • Cap Tex Hgwy/360, Heading N

  • Westlake

    at 15km
  • Cap Tex Hgwy/360, Pennybacker Bridge

  • Bull Creek

    at 18km
  • Exit 2222, turn Left, heading West/NW

  • Lake Travis

    at 27km
  • Intersection at 2222/620 - Straight onto Bullick Hollow Rd. Single lane, paved road begins.

  • Cypress Creek Park

    at 30km
  • Continue on Bullick Hollow Road to Volente Rd. LEFT on Volente Road.

  • Volente Beach - Lime Creek Rd

    at 36km
  • From Volente Rd, turn RIGHT onto Lime Creek Rd. CAUTION - Follow ALL speed signs as severe twists/turns will come up quickly!

  • Volente - Lime Creek Rd

    at 46km
  • Continue at SAFE speeds on Lime Creek Rd, passing Sandy Creek Park.

  • Leander - Lime Creek Rd.

    at 51km
  • Continue on Lime Creek Road to small turn-off on right side of road, just before Anderson Mill Rd. stop sign. Pull over at turn-off and wait for group, as necessary.

  • Leander - Anderson Mill Rd.

    at 55km
  • Turn LEFT onto Anderson Mill Road from Lime Creek Rd. Head towards 1431.

  • Leander

    at 59km
  • Turn LEFT, heading W on 1431. Watch out for road construction for first 1-2miles.

  • Nameless

    at 61km
  • Jonestown

    at 64km
  • Continue on 1431 through Jonestown

  • Lago Vista

    at 70km
  • Continue on 1431, passing through Lago Vista. Bar K Golf Course will be on left.

  • Smithwick

    at 95km
  • Continue on 1431 through Smithwick to Marble Falls

  • Marble Falls - BLUE BONNET CAFE

    at 115km
  • REST/BREAK/STOP - Turn LEFT onto Avenue G. Head South to 2nd Street, make RIGHT at Blue Bonnet Cafe parking lot before 2nd St; OR, Make LEFT at Avenue H (Traffic Signal) and look out for Blue Bonnet Cafe on Left, before 2nd St.

  • Marble Falls

    at 116km
  • Blue Bonnet Cafe - Lunch/Water stop

  • Suddath

    at 125km
  • Head NORTH on 281 through Suddath

  • Demarco

    at 129km
  • Look out for brown park road sign for STATE PARK RD 4. LEFT onto State Park Rd 4

  • Burnet

    at 138km
  • Continue on Park Rd 4, passing Longhorn Cavern State Park. Heed ALL SPEED SIGNS as sharp turns are ahead.

  • Inks Lake

    at 145km
  • Bear RIGHT at Inks Lake/Hoovers Valley Rd turnoff. Heed ALL SPEED SIGNS due to park visitors, sharp turns, etc.

  • Burnet

    at 153km
  • Slow down for Hgwy 29 Intersection. LEFT at Hgwy 29 towards Buchanan Dam.

  • Buchanan Dam

    at 157km
  • Lake Buchanan

    at 160km
  • Bear RIGHT onto Hgwy 261. Nice paved road, little traffic, long sweeping turns. Follow the 261 loop (turns into 2241) all the way back to 29. Left on 29 to 1431 intersection.

  • Blufton

    at 176km
  • Continue on 261 loop (2241)

  • Llano

    at 192km
  • Left at 2241/29 stop sign/intersection. Head back towards Lake Buchanan on 29.

  • Lake Buchanan

    at 210km
  • Turn RIGHT at intersection, onto 1431.

  • Kingsland

    at 219km
  • Continue on 1431 through Kingsland. Turn RIGHT onto 2900. Stop for Gas as necessary.

  • Continue on 2900.

    at 222km
  • Sunrise Beach

    at 228km
  • Turn RIGHT onto 2233 towards 71.

  • LEFT at 71 intersection, heading back towards Austin.

    at 232km
  • Turn RIGHT at RR962W

    at 238km
  • Round Mountain

    at 248km
  • Round Mountain

    at 253km
  • Cross 281 and continue on RR962E

  • Cypress Mill

    at 265km
  • Continue on 962E/Hamilton Pool Rd.

    at 276km
  • CAREFUL! Sharp, slow speed turns, switchbacks!

    at 277km
  • Continue on Hamilton Pool Rd.

    at 281km
  • OPTION: 1) RIGHT onto Crumley Ranch Rd, LEFT onto Fitzhugh R...

    at 294km
  • OPTION: 1) RIGHT onto Crumley Ranch Rd, LEFT onto Fitzhugh Rd., LEFT onto 290, back to Austin. OR 2) continue on Hamilton Pool Rd. to 71, RIGHT onto 71 back to Austin.

  • Fitzhugh

    at 299km
  • From Crumley Ranch Rd, LEFT onto Fitzhugh Rd

  • LEFT onto 290 from Fitzhugh Rd.

    at 309km
  • Oak Hill

    at 317km
  • Sunset Valley

    at 321km
  • End ride - Cypress Grill, 4404 West William Cannon, Suite L, Austin, TX; Next to Jersey Mike's
    (512) 358-7474

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