“Macca thornleigh via windsor to maccas dural” is a safe, scenic, easy motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
February 11, 2021

98 km ride including sackville ferry. Mainly country road and sealed. Windsor pub for a lunch . beautiful country side and single lane roads. Mostly 80 km limit

ride visits Sackville Reach.
Low traffic
Good surface
On Road
  • thornleigh maccas meeting point

  • use the roundabout to enter maccas

  • Carry on along boundary road 60kpm. Busy

    at 2km
  • roundabout .

    at 5km
  • quite busy. puts you on Newline road

  • cherrybrook

    at 6km
  • take 2nd exit. watch out for car as it is busy especially morning and afternoon

  • Dural

    at 9km
  • new line road finishes. you take the first exit and you are out of sydney traffic, you just entered old northern road for a short run to round corner

  • Round corner. Thats what it's called.

    at 11km
  • will usually get a red light. take a right here and watch the cars running through the red. They think its OK locally

  • kenthurst roundabout

    at 12km
  • get onto Annangrove road

  • Edwards Road

    at 21km
  • this diversion takes you on lovely rural road which are narrow but good condition and avoids boring windsor road . Tge approach to Edwards is slightly down hill with good visibility

  • Nelson Road

    at 22km
  • this takes to onto Pitt town road. there are sonme sweeping valley views along this stretch especially on the right. you will find the name changes to Pitt town road as you trasvel ahead without turning any corners

  • Hanckel road

    at 27km
  • after a few ks on oold pitt town rd you will have to look for hanckel which is a 90 left turn. MAP BEING UPDATED FEB 2021 STAND BY

  • Sackville Reach

    at 58km
  • maccas thornleigh to maccas dural via sackville ferry

    at 98km
  • goes to windsor via round corner then up to the putty road for the sackville ferry road

  • Anothrr roundabout.

    at 100km
  • can usually ride continuously but there are cars coming in and out of shops. watch for them. This puts you on Kenthurst road, where radar sometimes is active. mostly 70 or 80 kpm.

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