“Lowman Loop” is a twisty motorcycle ride in Idaho, United States.
November 8, 2011
ride visits Boise, Horseshoe Bend, Banks, Crouch, Garden Valley, Lowman.
  • Eagle, Idaho

  • Start Cheveron at HiWay55 and Beacon Light Rd.

  • Horseshoe Bend ID

    at 26km
  • Country Corner Cafe. One of our favorite eaterys. On the left before you get to the Hiway 52 intersection.

  • Banks ID.

    at 46km
  • You will enjoy some twisty road Horseshoe bend to Banks. As you cross the bridge at banks turn right on the Garden Valley - Lowman road.

  • Crouch

    at 62km
  • Garden Valley Id.

    at 65km
  • The Long Horn Bar and Cafe in nearby Crouch is rustic and good chow.

  • Lowman ID.

    at 103km
  • Lowman is streched out for about 10 miles to the left of the hiway 21 intersection.

  • Sourdough Resort-Lowman ID.

    at 125km
  • A favorite desination of travelers on the Lowman Loop. $5 charge for whining though.

  • Idaho City, Idaho

    at 198km
  • More gold was discoved in the Boise Basin where Idaho City is located than was found in the whold state of Alaska. Now Idaho City is a rustic old mining town the is a lot of fun to visit.

  • Boise, ID.

    at 252km
  • We usualy end our loop where we meet the I84 freeway at Boise. The Lowman Loop is fun to ride in either direction, some of the twistys are chalaging in what ever direction you choose.

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