“Kendall - Comboyne - Gloucester - Walcha - Wauchope - Kew” is a scenic, twisty, easy motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
August 9, 2010
ride visits Kendall, Lorne, Comboyne, Marlee, Krambach, Gloucester and 7 other places.
On Road
Low traffic
Good surface
  • Kendall

    at 1km
  • Meet at Beetroot'd at a time and date to suit you and your co-riders. Enjoy a coffee and excellent home-made pastries & cakes.

  • Upsalls Creek

    at 5km
  • A locality - known for its dairying and timber in past years.

  • Lorne

    at 12km
  • Once a centre of dairyin g and timber-logging. Now features a magnificent Macadamia plantation, a worthwhile visit.

  • Comboyne

    at 32km
  • Capital of the Comboyne Plateau and head of the Camden Haven River and streams. Now a "boutique" village, well worth browsing and having morning tea. Visit the local cheese factory.

  • Colling Road

    at 39km
  • Turn-off for Elands and the spectacular Ellenborough Falls.

  • Ducks Rd.

    at 43km
  • Continue on Colling Rd.

  • Elands

    at 56km
  • More a location than anything else.....a few village buildings.
    Follow the signs to Ellenborough Falls.

  • Ellenborough Falls

    at 56km
  • Enjoy a break here and do the walk to the top of the falls, at least.

  • Marlee

    at 83km
  • Wingham

    at 94km
  • After visiting the Falls, continue along Bulga Road to Wingham. Have a break, refuel and get ready for the leg to Gloucester.

  • Burrell Creek

    at 108km
  • Turn right into The Bucketts Way (note the two 't's') and head to Gloucester.

  • Krambach

    at 124km
  • Before the Pacific Highway was pushed through south of Taree way back when, people travelling by road had to take this route, which came out just south of Karuah.
    Krambach was usually a refuelling and rest stop.

  • Gloucester

    at 162km
  • Feel like a rest?
    Have a browse and grab a bite to eat here in Gloucester and top up your tank.
    We now head north to Walcha.

  • Barrington

    at 167km
  • The village that is named the same as the famous 'Tops'. Note that you are now on Thunderbolt's Way, named after the infamous bushranger.

  • Nowendoc

    at 238km
  • You can stop and have a break here if needed.

  • Orandumbie

    at 287km
  • Walcha

    at 305km
  • You've now done just on 300 kms since starting. Depending upon what time you headed off from Kendall, and how long you spent at each location, you might like to spend the night here in Walcha.
    Next leg takes you onto the Oxley Hwy. and off to Wauchope.

  • Ellenborough

    at 435km
  • Huntingdon

    at 461km
  • Wauchope

    at 469km
  • Renowned for timber up until the 1980's, Wauchope is seeing a resurgence. After the leg from Walcha you might like to have a good break here before doing the last easy few kms to Kew.

  • Bago Road

    at 472km
  • Really just a continuation of the street from Wauchope.

  • Pacific Highway

    at 482km
  • Cross the north-bound lane - be very careful of approaching traffic - and then turn south on the south-bound lane.

  • Kew

    at 490km
  • Pull up at the Royal Hotel for a well-earned rest. That completes the loop.....just shy of 500 km.

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