“Kendall - Comboyne - Wingham - Taree - Kendall” is a scenic, twisty, safe motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
May 13, 2010
ride visits Kendall, Lorne, Comboyne, Killabakh Creek, Taree, Cundletown and 4 other places.
On Road
Good visibility
Good surface
  • Kendall

    at 1km
  • Assemble in the car-park outside the old railway station (no longer used as a passenger facility).

  • Lorne

    at 12km
  • Visit the Macadamia farm.

  • Comboyne

    at 32km
  • At Pioneer Park, rest and recuperate after the ride from Kendall.

  • Killabakh Creek

    at 56km
  • En-route Wingham

    at 70km
  • Pass through some superb countryside as you descend the plateau to Wingham.

  • Taree

    at 83km
  • Situtated on the Manning River and a bustling modern town. Turn north for the Pacific Highway to Kew.

  • Cundletown

    at 91km
  • Coopernook

    at 105km
  • Moorland

    at 110km
  • South Brother

    at 119km
  • A quite spectacular mountain, with the rocky face towering above the farms. The southern-most peak named by James Cook in 1770.

  • Johns River

    at 121km
  • Middle Brother Mt.

    at 125km
  • The largest of the three peaks named by Captain James Cook on his voyage up the east-coast in 1770.

  • Ross Glen

    at 131km
  • (The name used to be two words).
    The bridge over the Camden Haven river.

  • Kew

    at 134km
  • Kendall

    at 136km
  • The end of the loop.
    I hope the ride was enjoyable for you.

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