“Jamies Ride Route” is a motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
April 10, 2011
ride visits Galston, Hornsby.
  • Left Turn at Roundabout

    at 1km
  • Straight trhough at Lights

    at 1km
  • Right turn at lights and immeadiatly turn left

    at 2km
  • Right turn onto Pennant Hills Rd

    at 4km
  • Turn Left onto Castle Hill Rd

    at 9km
  • Turn Right onto New Line Road

    at 10km
  • Straight Through Roundabout

    at 16km
  • Turn Right onto Galston Road

    at 18km
  • Right turn at Roundabout

    at 22km
  • Right turn down to Galston Gorge

    at 23km
  • Left turn onto PAcific Hwy

    at 32km
  • Hornsby

    at 32km
  • Take Old PAcific Hwy Exit.

    at 43km
  • Be prepared to slow down and exit right into truck parking area

  • Stop at Toilet Block

    at 43km
  • Exit onto Old Hwy

    at 44km
  • Continue through Cowan

    at 46km
  • Go over the river be prepared to turn left at 2nd exit....

    at 54km
  • Turn Left and follow signs onto F3

    at 55km
  • Take Calga Exit

    at 69km
  • Be Prepared to bear left

  • Follow Old Hwy to Peats Ridge Caffe (On right)

    at 70km
  • Peast Ridges Shops on right

    at 83km
  • Head NOrth from Cafe

    at 83km
  • Take Wisemans Ferry Rd Exit

    at 86km
  • TUrn right

    at 86km
  • Turn Right onto Old Hwy

    at 100km
  • Turn Left

    at 110km
  • Take Exit off Freeway

    at 124km
  • Right turn onto Old Hwy

    at 125km
  • Stop at Cowan for bike change

    at 134km
  • Turn Left onto Windybanks Interchange (f3)

    at 139km
  • Follow F3 onto Pennant Hills Rd

    at 150km
  • Left Turn onto Pennant Hills

    at 151km
  • Follow Pennant Hills Road

    at 157km
  • Left into Adderton Rd at Coles Shell Servo

    at 162km
  • Right turn and 1st Left

    at 164km
  • Left Turn into KMA

    at 167km
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