“Indiana slow cruise” is a safe, easy, scenic motorcycle ride in Indiana, United States.
John Sneed
John Sneed
April 30, 2022

103 miles with fuel/bathroom stops, lake, cave, and historical stops. rally points for groups.

ride visits New Salisbury, Mott Station, Milltown, Marengo, English, Eckerty and 9 other places.
Good visibility
Excellent surface
On Road
  • A drive in the country

    at 0km
  • Start/Fuel

  • Mott Station

    at 0km
  • Milltown

    at 17km
  • Marengo Cave Area

    at 25km
  • Cave, Bathroom, National Landmark

  • English

    at 37km
  • Fuel/Bathroom

    at 48km
  • Eckerty

    at 52km
  • Break/Rally Point

    at 59km
  • Patoka Lake

  • French Lick

    at 77km
  • Explore Town Historical, Casino, Al Capone

  • French Lick

    at 79km
  • West Baden

    at 80km
  • Dome, Historical Springs

  • Prospect

    at 81km
  • Food/Fuel/Rally Point

    at 97km
  • Livonia

    at 115km
  • McCol Place

    at 132km
  • Salem

    at 134km
  • Bathroom/fuel/rally point, Auto race track

  • Palmyra

    at 155km
  • Bathroom/Fuel

  • Final Stop

    at 162km
  • Share photos

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