“Illawarra Ride (Long) from Canberra” is a scenic, twisty, difficult motorcycle ride through New South Wales and ACT, Australia.
February 17, 2010
ride visits Wollongong, Canberra, Bungendore, Marulan, Exeter, Moss Vale and 9 other places.
On Road
Poor surface
Good surface
  • Bungendore Caltex

    at 1km
  • 42 Malbon Street

  • Loaded Dog Pub

    at 32km
  • Left turn towards Goulburn.

  • Wakefield Park Race Circuit

    at 58km
  • Passing Wakefield Park on right

  • Goulburn Approach

    at 66km
  • Most locals would head through town to join the Hume. I've already seen Goulburn, so I'll take the road less travelled and head under the small rail bridge. Turn-off is within sight of the freeway, just after a pair of houses.

  • Marulan

    at 101km
  • Fuel available here if required.

  • Sutton Forrest Service Centre

    at 126km
  • Refuel here and then cross over bridge adjacent McDonnalds. Take Sallys Corner Road to Exeter.

    Arrive 10:00 Depart 10:15

  • Exeter

    at 136km
  • Moss Vale

    at 143km
  • Fitzroy Falls

    at 159km
  • Scenic waterfall - worth stopping.

  • One Lane Bridge

    at 174km
  • Give Way.

  • Kangaroo Valley

    at 176km
  • Tourist Road

    at 184km
  • Take the Berry Tourist Drive turn-off at the hairpin bend.

  • Narrow section

    at 194km
  • Tight section of road. Keep well left as oncoming cars are frequently in the middle of the road.

  • Berry Mountain

    at 194km
  • Treacherous corner!

  • Berry Fuel Stop

    at 200km
  • $5 for coffee and donuts next door to servo.

  • 2nd Kiama Exit

    at 224km
  • Follow signs to Jamberoo

  • Jamberoo

    at 232km
  • Fuel available here on left.

  • Tourist Drive turn-off

    at 233km
  • Jamberoo Mountain Road. No trucks or caravans permitted on the mountain pass.

  • Start of climb

    at 237km
  • This is a wicked tight mountain climb. Lookout for Sunday drivers (all week).

  • Robertson Pie Shop

    at 256km
  • The Famous Robertson Pie Shop is at the intersection with the Illawarra Highway. Stop here for lunch.

  • Macquarie Pass

    at 261km
  • Start of descent. Generally good surface but with a fair bit of traffic.

  • Albion Park

    at 278km
  • Follow signs to Wollongong

  • Round About

    at 280km
  • There are two lanes turning left at this intersection, right lane is often free of queueing.

  • Albion Park Rail

    at 281km
  • Princess Highway Exit

    at 297km
  • Wollongong exit marked as "Princess Hwy Exit"

  • Wollongon Fuel Stop

    at 298km
  • BP and Shell located here

    Arrive 13:30 Depart 13:45

  • Wollongong

    at 299km
  • Mt Kiera Lookout

    at 305km
  • Popular Wedding spot. Coffee won't be available if a function is booked.

    Arrive 14:00 Depart 14:30

  • Clive Bissel Drive

    at 307km
  • Watch out for Sydney sign. A right turn half way around a left hand bend.

  • Turn-Off Closed

    at 319km
  • The turn-off to Bulli is now closed to north bound traffic. Proceed a few kms towards Helensburgh and make a U-Turn at the turning bay.

  • U-Turn Bay

    at 322km
  • Turn around at Sublime Point Lookout and head south again.

  • Start of Grand Pacific Drive

    at 329km
  • Sea Cliff Bridge

    at 339km
  • As featured on car ads worldwide. All motoring enthusiasts in SE Australia should cross this beauty.

  • Paragliders

    at 346km
  • In favourable conditions paragliders flock here.

  • Enter Royal National Park

    at 348km
  • Watch for leaf litter on roads. Otherwise, surface is generally good with enjoyable sweeping bends.

  • Audley

    at 377km
  • Some facilities and food available here.

  • Rejoin Princess Hwy

    at 380km
  • Turn left, south-bound.

  • BP Fuel Stop

    at 385km
  • BP Servo on left.

  • Take exit to right

    at 412km
  • Appin Road exit.

  • Rejoin Hume

    at 444km
  • A bit boring from here to Canberra, but has to be done if you want to do this ride as a day trip.

  • Fuel if required

    at 450km
  • Colo Vale

    at 468km
  • Mittagong

    at 473km
  • Berrima

    at 485km
  • Fuel Stop

    at 506km
  • Sutton Forrest

  • Bywong

    at 624km
  • Entering ACT

  • Canberra

    at 645km
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