“I-10 to Prescott, AZ” is a scenic, twisty, difficult motorcycle ride in Arizona, United States.
March 26, 2011
ride visits Congress, Yarnell, Peeples Valley, Kirkland Junction, Wilhoit, Prescott.
On Road
Good surface
  • Hassayampa Road (N339th Ave) north off I-10

  • Start here to enjoy the full ride to Prescott, Arizona.

  • Left on Indian School Rd

    at 3km
  • Right on N355th Ave

    at 6km
  • Stay Right on N Wickenburg Rd (Aguila Rd)

    at 13km
  • Right on Vulture Mine Rd

    at 34km
  • Left on Rt. 93 North

    at 77km
  • Gas and food stop here. Jack-in-the-Box, and another restuarant is here. Fill-up if you need gas as there will be limited fuel available after this.

  • Right Exit onto Rt 89 North

    at 81km
  • Just outside of Congress, AZ

    at 95km
  • Turn Left on Rt. 71 to go into Congress if you want to look around and stretch. Not a lot there, but you might find something of interest.

  • Yarnell, AZ

    at 111km
  • Just a wide-spot in the road. Limited facilities. Stretch stop if needed.

  • Peeples Valley

    at 117km
  • Kirkland Junction

    at 130km
  • Wilhoit, AZ

    at 140km
  • Another wide-spot in the road. Not much here, but can be a stretch-spot if needed before entering miles of tight-twisted mountain-side roads.

    Ahead on 89 to Prescott, AZ will be tight-twisted roads requiring you to go slow and pay attention. There will be an occasion pull-off to stop and enjoy the views.

  • Prescott, AZ

    at 166km
  • Find your way to the left from here to the town's square. There are several restuarants and bars for refreshments around the square and on some of the side-streets. You can take a walk around the shops on the square to look around and stretch your legs.

    Reverse this route back down the mountain-side to enjoy an entirely different point-of-view of the ride.

    Fuel-up before returning; and enjoy!!

  • Fort Whipple

    at 167km
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