“Hill End Ride” is a twisty, scenic motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.

ride visits Colo, Bulga, Jerrys Plains, Kandos, Clandulla, Ilford and 9 other places.
Low traffic
On Road
  • Starting Point

  • Colo

    at 23km
  • Grey Gum

    at 85km
  • Morning Tea

  • Bulga

    at 148km
  • Fuel Up

    at 185km
  • Bylong Valley Way

    at 236km
  • Lunch

    at 348km
  • Bikes & Buds

    at 349km
  • Fuel Up

    at 350km
  • Clandulla

    at 352km
  • Ilford

    at 368km
  • Sofala

    at 400km
  • Coffee Break

    at 400km
  • Hill End Hotel

    at 436km
  • Stay The Night

  • Cafe Racer - Morning Tea

    at 481km
  • Peel

    at 501km
  • Fuel Up - Bathurst

    at 514km
  • Kelso

    at 517km
  • Tarana Road

    at 528km
  • O’Connell

    at 536km
  • Tarana Hotel - Lunch

    at 559km
  • Great Western Highway

    at 584km
  • Bowenfels

    at 584km
  • Hartley

    at 592km
  • Bells Line Of Road

    at 613km
  • Bilpin

    at 646km
  • Pie in The Sky i Afternoon Tea

    at 652km
  • Kurrajong Heights

    at 657km
  • Comleroy

    at 664km
  • Southies Peel Off to Go Home (End)

    at 670km
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