“Highway 12 Scenic Byway” is a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in Utah, United States.
Ted Bell
Ted Bell
October 12, 2007
ride visits Bryce Canyon City, Bryce Canyon, Tropic, Cannonville, Henrieville, Escalante and 4 other places.
Good visibility
Good surface
  • Bryce Canyon City

    at 24km
  • Bryce Canyon

    at 25km
  • Tropic

    at 35km
  • Cannonville

    at 43km
  • Henrieville

    at 49km
  • Escalante

    at 99km
  • Boulder Town

    at 143km
  • Grover

    at 188km
  • Torrey, UT

    at 200km
  • Teasdale

    at 200km
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