“Heritage to Le Sueur Loop” is a safe, twisty, scenic motorcycle ride in Minnesota, United States.
June 17, 2018
ride visits Antlers Park, Saint Benedict, Belle Plaine, Blakeley, Henderson, Le Sueur and 7 other places.
Low traffic
Good surface
Excellent surface
  • Heritage Center

  • Antlers Park

    at 1km
  • Doherty's Tavern

    at 19km
  • St. Patrick's Tavern

    at 29km
  • Saint Benedict

    at 46km
  • Belle Plaine

    at 57km
  • Scenic Byway Rd

    at 60km
  • Belle Plaine

    at 60km
  • Kerfoot Canopy Tour

    at 69km
  • Blakeley

    at 72km
  • Henderson

    at 83km
  • Le Sueur

    at 90km
  • The Bar & Grill

    at 90km
  • Le Sueur

    at 92km
  • Ottawa

    at 99km
  • Ottawa

    at 100km
  • Cleveland

    at 118km
  • Cleveland

    at 118km
  • Cordova

    at 131km
  • Kilkenny

    at 144km
  • Cedar Lake

    at 154km
  • Roberts Lake

    at 167km
  • Webster

    at 195km
  • New Market - Elko

    at 205km
  • New Market

    at 210km
  • Elko New Market

    at 212km
  • Elko

    at 212km
  • Finish - Heritage Center

    at 226km
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