“Heathcote to Thredbo via Bermagui/Tathra/Pambula/Wyndham/Bombala/Dalgety/Jindabyne” is a twisty, difficult, safe motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
October 14, 2012
ride visits Wollongong, Waterfall, Albion Park Rail, Bomaderry, Nowra, Falls Creek and 9 other places.
On Road
Low traffic
Good surface
  • Heathcote

  • Heathcote Caltex 98
    Princes Hwy Heathcote

  • Waterfall

    at 5km
  • Wollongong

    at 44km
  • Albion Park Rail

    at 63km
  • Albion Park

    at 67km
  • Albion Park Turn Right onto Illawarra Hwy

  • Robertson Pie Shop

    at 88km
  • Robertson Pie Shop
    Cuppa and a bite

  • Pearson Lane

    at 94km
  • Robertson Turn Left onto Pearson Lane short cut to Kangeroo Valley

  • Pearson Lane Turn Left onto Nowra Rd towards Kangeroo Valley

    at 106km
  • Kangeroo Valley

    at 122km
  • Bomaderry

    at 139km
  • Bomaderry turn right onto Princes Hwt towards Nowra

  • Nowra

    at 142km
  • South Nowra

    at 146km
  • South Nowra Caltex 98 Premium Browns Rd/Princes Hwy

  • Falls Creek

    at 150km
  • Bewong

    at 169km
  • Bewong Caltex Premium 95 Princes Hwy

  • Milton

    at 197km
  • Ulladulla

    at 203km
  • Ulladulla Caltex Premium 95 Princes Hwy/Deering St

  • Termeil

    at 228km
  • Termeil BP Premium 95 Princes Hwy

  • Batemans Bay

    at 254km
  • Batemans Bay Caltex Premium 95 Princes Hwy/Hughes St

  • Mogo

    at 269km
  • Mogo Caltex Premium 95 Princes Hwy/Sydney Rd

  • Moruya South

    at 280km
  • South Moruya Caltex Premium 95/98 Princes Hwy/John St

  • Colia

    at 299km
  • Colia Caltex Premium 95 Princes Hwy

  • Narooma

    at 321km
  • Narooma Shell Premium 95 16 Prines Hwy

  • Bermagui Turn Off

    at 353km
  • Bermagui Turn Off Left Turn off Princes Hwy onto Bermagui Rd

  • Bermagui

    at 361km
  • Bermagui BP 98 Premuim 8 Wallaga Lake Rd

  • Bermagui Turn Off

    at 363km
  • Bermagui Turn Off Right Turn onto Tathra Bermagui Rd

  • Tathra

    at 405km
  • Tathra Shell 95 Andy Poole Drive

  • Tathra Lunch Stop Beach on the left

    at 405km
  • Tathra Turn Off

    at 406km
  • Tathra Turn Off Onto Bega St/Snowy Mountains Hwy

  • Sapphire Turn Off

    at 410km
  • Sapphire Coast Drive Turn off to Merimbula and onto Pambula

  • Merimbula

    at 422km
  • Merimbula Left Turn Off onto Merimbula Drive

  • Merimbula Turn

    at 431km
  • Merimbula Right Turn onto Market St towards Pambula

  • Arthur Kaine Drive

    at 432km
  • Crossing Bridge Turn Right onto Arthur Kaine Drive

  • Pambula

    at 438km
  • Pambula Roundabout Turn Left onto Princes Hwy

  • Pambula Stop

    at 438km
  • Pambula Royal Willows Pub Left Side number 35

  • Mount Darragh Rd Turn Off

    at 440km
  • Turn Right onto Mount Darragh Rd heading towards Wyndham

  • South Pambula

    at 442km
  • South Pambula Caltex 95 Premium Mount Darragh Rd

  • Wyndham

    at 465km
  • Wyndham stop for a break at the shop adjacent the school

  • Bombala

    at 516km
  • Bombala Right turn onto Monaro Hwy
    Two Caltex 95 Premium 161 Maybe St

  • The Snowy River Way

    at 536km
  • Turn left onto The Snowy River Way to head towards Dalgety

  • Dalgety

    at 589km
  • Turn Left onto Barry Way into Dalgety

  • Dalgety Turn

    at 589km
  • Turn onto The Snowy River Way crossing the bridge and follow the road to the right to Jindabyne

  • Jindabyne Turn

    at 618km
  • Turn Left onto Barry Way and head into Jindabyne

  • Jindabyne Roundabout

    at 621km
  • Turn right to head into Jindabyne BP Premium 98 on the left

  • Jindabyne Fuel

    at 623km
  • Jindabyne BP Premium 98

  • Thredbo Turn

    at 626km
  • Turn Left onto Alpine Way to head to Thredbo

  • Thredbo

    at 657km
  • Thredbo Entrance to Thredbo BP near shops Premium 95

  • Thredbo Turn Off

    at 658km
  • Turn onto Banjo Road to Get to Elevation Units

  • Thredbo Stop

    at 658km
  • At Elevation Units time for a beer or three

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