“Hastings east cape overnight” is a scenic, twisty, easy motorcycle ride through Hawke's Bay, Gisborne and Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
rhys millar
rhys millar
May 1, 2010
ride visits Napier, Gisborne, Hastings, Wairoa, Frasertown, Wainui and 9 other places.
On Road
Low traffic
Good visibility
Poor surface
Good surface
  • Hastings

    at 1km
  • Napier

    at 19km
  • wairoa

    at 133km
  • wairoa rd, a curly strech road that I really enjoy

  • Frasertown

    at 140km
  • tiniroto

    at 178km
  • a nice pub for a feed. this a good alernate route to Gizzy not to many revenue collectors and loads of fun

  • gisborne

    at 231km
  • fuel up, Waiweke garge beutiful rd curly, scenic pipes and frame scaping stuff

  • Entering Gisborne

  • Gisborne

    at 237km
  • time to fuel up

    at 240km
  • Wainui

    at 246km
  • Tolaga Bay

    at 294km
  • tokamarau Bay

    at 326km
  • nice pub. always good for a nice feed of fish and chips, nice fish

  • Tokomaru

    at 328km
  • Ruatoria

    at 371km
  • Lotun Point

    at 483km
  • accomadation here and great fishing if your into it

  • whanau bay

    at 493km
  • fuel up here

  • Entering Bay of Plenty

  • Te Kaha

    at 503km
  • opotiki

    at 571km
  • breakfast. exellent ride from waihau to here. no revenue collectors

  • Entering Gisborne

  • Te Karaka

    at 683km
  • Manutuke

    at 715km
  • Entering Hawke's Bay

  • Nuhaka

    at 767km
  • nuhaka

    at 768km
  • curly from Gisbarne to here not a bad road, watch for revenue collectors

  • Wairoa

    at 807km
  • hastings

    at 932km
  • good hoon on the wairoa rd , may be a couple of revenue collectors

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