“Hastings Ongaonga Coffee run” is a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.
September 29, 2007
ride visits Napier, Hastings.
On Road
Low traffic
  • Hastings

    at 0km
  • Started from Burger King Hastings. As good a place as any to start. Crap coffee though.

  • Napier

    at 0km
  • Bridge Pa

    at 8km
  • Turn left off the main road. Time for some fun.

  • Raukawa

    at 27km
  • Good spots for photography from the ridges.

  • Argyll

    at 37km
  • Road narrows in places and a couple of blind crests to get the heart going. Watch for gravel from driveways in places.

  • Argyll East

    at 47km
  • Tikokino

    at 54km
  • Time for a blast.

  • Hwy 50

    at 56km
  • Care over the intersection

  • Makororo Road

    at 61km
  • Great scenery, good photo spots.

  • Makaroro Road

    at 69km
  • Can be very slipery if frosty or wet

  • Wakarara Road

    at 71km
  • Can turn right for a scenic drive to the Ruahine Forest Park, even a paddle in the Makaroro River at the end of Wakarara Road if its warm. Route turns left here

  • Good twisty spots.

    at 74km
  • Ongaonga

    at 89km
  • Historic village and Dept of Conservation field centre for information about Ruahine Forest Park.

  • Wonderful country general store here. Petrol, snacks and goo...

    at 89km
  • Wonderful country general store here. Petrol, snacks and good coffee. Nice stop for lunch and decision time for the next phase of the ride.

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