“Harrietville to Bombala” is a scenic, twisty, difficult motorcycle ride through Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.
October 8, 2017
ride visits Corryong, Khancoban, Thredbo, Jindabyne, Beloka, Dalgety and 2 other places.
On Road
Good surface
  • Harrietville

  • Harrietville Pub

  • Mt Hotham

    at 26km
  • Dannys Lockout High View of Victoria Snowy Mountains

  • Mt Hotham Ski Resort

    at 31km
  • Dinner Plains

    at 42km
  • Dinner Plains Ski Resort

  • Omeo

    at 85km
  • Omeo High Plains Bakery

  • Omeo Highway

    at 86km
  • Straight on to Omeo Highway to Mitta Mitta

  • Omeo Hwy Livingstone Creek Bridge

    at 91km
  • Livingstone Creek Bridge

  • Cobungra River Bridge

    at 114km
  • Cobungra River Bridge

  • Anglers Rest Camp Ground

    at 114km
  • Anglers Rest Camping Ground

  • Bundara River Bridge

    at 116km
  • Bundara River Bridge

  • Jokers Flat camping Ground

    at 122km
  • Jokers Flat Camping Ground

  • Bogong High Plains Road

    at 125km
  • Bogong High Plains Road to Falls Creek

  • Middle Creek Camping Area

    at 126km
  • Middle Creek Camping Ground

  • Big River Camp Ground

    at 129km
  • Big River Camping Ground

  • Glen Valley Hall

    at 133km
  • Glen Valley Hall

  • Glen Wills

    at 141km
  • Glen Wills

  • Lightening Creek Camp Ground

    at 170km
  • Lightening Creek Camping Ground

  • Mitta Mitta

    at 192km
  • Mitta Mitta Pub/Mitta Store

  • Eskdale

    at 210km
  • Eskdale Township

  • Mitta Mitta Bridge 2

    at 221km
  • Mitta Mitta Bridge 2

  • Mitta Mitta Bridge 1

    at 222km
  • Mitta Mitta Bridge 1

  • Murray Valley Hwy

    at 248km
  • Right turn onto Murray Valley Highway - 6Kms Left turn to Tallangatta East for Fuel

  • Granya Road

    at 258km
  • Granya Road Turn off

  • Murray Valley Hwy

    at 306km
  • Veer Right to Stay on Murray Valley Highway to Khancoban

  • Corryong

    at 323km
  • Corryong BP Fuel Left Side & Caltex Donaldson Street

  • Murray Valley Hwy

    at 330km
  • Right Turn to Khancoban onto Murray valley Highway

  • Border Bridge

    at 337km
  • Border Crossing Victoria to new South Wales

  • Tooma Road

    at 339km
  • Tooma Road Turn off to Cabumurra

  • Khancoban

    at 350km
  • Khancoban Shell Fuel

  • Entering New South Wales

  • Khancoban

    at 352km
  • Shane O's Cafe

  • Murray Power Station Lookout

    at 359km
  • Murray Power Station Lookout

  • Bogong Creek Bridge

    at 377km
  • Bogong Creek Bridge

  • Olsens Road

    at 378km
  • Police Radar Point Fork in Road

  • Geehi Camp Ground

    at 382km
  • Geehi Camping Ground

  • Geehi Bridge

    at 382km
  • Geehi Bridge

  • Tom Groggin

    at 403km
  • Tom Groggin Camping Area

  • Leatherbarrel Single Lane BridgeCamping

    at 411km
  • Leatherbarrel Camping Ground

  • Dead Horse Gap

    at 421km
  • Dead Horse Gap

  • Thredbo

    at 425km
  • Thredbo Village 2nd Entrance BP Fuel Available

  • Kosciuszko Park Entrance

    at 440km
  • Kosciuszko Park Entrance Gate

  • Jindabyne

    at 458km
  • Right Turn onto Kosciuszko Road to Jindabyne

  • BP Caltex 98 Fuel ahead Left Side - Right Turn Barry Way tow...

    at 460km
  • BP Caltex 98 Fuel ahead Left Side - Right Turn Barry Way towards Dalgety

  • Jindabyne

    at 460km
  • Left Turn The Snowy River Way to Dalgety

    at 464km
  • Beloka

    at 483km
  • Dalgety Wooden Bridge

    at 493km
  • Dalgety Wooden Bridge

  • Dalgety

    at 493km
  • Left Turn Campbell Street - no Fuel in Dalgety

  • Daglety

    at 494km
  • Right Turn Barnes Street to the Snowy River Way

  • Bombala

    at 546km
  • Right Turn Monaro Highway to Bombala

  • Bibbenluke

    at 554km
  • Bombala

    at 567km
  • Globe Hotel Bombala 125 Maybe Street

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