“HOG 2020 State Rally” is a motorcycle ride in Western Australia.
March 1, 2020

Could only join for the Saturday ride.

A good ride. Bit much Freeway on the way to Collie - could have headed inland, but idea was to get to the HOG Base camp early. Still a great ride.

Then joined a quick 100 km ride .

Note - this ride has some dangers.

Loose gravel on corners, Honky Nuts off the trees, but a really great twisting tight cornering road.

Left Collie out along Mornington Rd, connect with Gastaldo. It will take you down to Coalfields H/Way. Follow all the way out to South Western H/way - turn left head down to Picton.

Then Boyanup - Picton Rd out to Dardanup then take a left onto Ferguson Rd. Ferguson Rd out to Pile Road on the Left.

Pile Road out to Falcon Road.

Falcon Road all the way back to Coalfields H/way - right turn back into Collie.

I departed company with the group and rode out to the motoplex to check out some Motorcycle racing before heading back to Perth on the inland South Western H/Way.

ride visits Perth, Rockingham, Wokalup, Burekup, Dardanup, Allanson and 9 other places.
  • Roe H/Way Crossover

  • Perth

    at 0km
  • Rockingham

    at 32km
  • BP Roadhouse - Kwinana F/Way South Bound

    at 32km
  • Turn Left onto Forrestry Rd

    at 123km
  • Turn Right onto South Western Highway

    at 140km
  • Wokalup

    at 141km
  • Turn Left onto Mornington Road

    at 146km
  • Turn Right onto Harris River Road

    at 183km
  • HOG 2020 Rally Base Camp

    at 186km
  • Burekup

    at 232km
  • Dardanup

    at 253km
  • Allanson

    at 306km
  • Collie

    at 313km
  • Ice Coffee - Vanilla Slice

    at 374km
  • Roelands

    at 381km
  • Harvey

    at 405km
  • Yarloop

    at 418km
  • Hamel

    at 427km
  • Waroona

    at 431km
  • Coolup

    at 443km
  • Pinjarra

    at 455km
  • North Dandalup

    at 471km
  • Finish

    at 527km
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