“Five and Dime Ride” is a safe, scenic, easy motorcycle ride in Virginia, United States.
Jim Riddle
Jim Riddle
September 3, 2023

Nice long ride with not too much traffic. Lot of rural landscape

ride visits Norfolk, Chesapeake, Acredale, Nansemond, Red Top, Benns Church and 9 other places.
Good surface
  • I-64 at Indian River Road

  • Start close to home.

  • Acredale

    at 1km
  • Norfolk

    at 8km
  • Chesapeake

    at 8km
  • Bowers Hill Interchange area

    at 27km
  • Have to switch road here. Head toward Suffolk on 58.

  • Nansemond

    at 40km
  • Turn onto Route 32 north.

    at 44km
  • Red Top

    at 49km
  • Benns Church

    at 65km
  • Take exit onto Route 10

    at 69km
  • The Dime part of the 5 and Dime.

  • Smithfield

    at 72km
  • Rushmere

    at 82km
  • Bacons Castle

    at 91km
  • Historical area

  • Turn left at stoplight

    at 100km
  • Headed back to Route 10

  • Turn right to stay on 10

    at 103km
  • Spring Grove

    at 115km
  • Turn right to go across bridge

    at 145km
  • Gas station and convenience store for a little rest stop.

  • Turn right at traffic light to get on to Route 5

    at 152km
  • The 5 part of the the 5 and Dime

  • Berkeley

    at 156km
  • Charles City

    at 167km
  • Sherwood Forest

    at 173km
  • Gas station

    at 179km
  • In case you need gas?

  • Turn right on to 614

    at 196km
  • Turn left on to Route 31

    at 199km
  • This will take you to the Jamestown Ferry

  • Jamestown Ferry

    at 200km
  • Take ferry across.

  • Jamestown

    at 204km
  • Depart the ferry here.

    at 206km
  • Turn left back on to route 10

    at 212km
  • Going back the way you came at this point

  • 7-11

    at 213km
  • Good place to grab a drink.

  • Benns Church

    at 220km
  • Option of taking 258 over to Route 17 if desired

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