“Fair Oaks Ranch/Canyon Lake Circle” is a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride in Texas, United States.
Mark Mitchell
Mark Mitchell
December 13, 2020

101miles round trip. No freeway driving, mostly 2 lane rural roads, some residential/urban driving around Canyon Lk.

ride visits Bulverde, Sattler, Smithson Valley.
  • Start in Fair Oaks Ranch

  • Lt (E) on Ammann Rd

    at 5km
  • Lt (W) on Ammonn Rd

    at 5km
  • Rt (S) on Blanco 2 90* turns

    at 13km
  • Veer Lt (SE) on East Ammonn Rd

    at 15km
  • Rt (S) on Bulverde Rd

    at 21km
  • Bulverde

    at 23km
  • Under 281 turns to FM1863

    at 24km
  • Lt (N) on 46 7k feet to:

    at 51km
  • Rt (E) on Hueco Springs Loop Rd

    at 52km
  • Lt (N) on River Rd

    at 59km
  • Cross 2673 turns into S Access

    at 78km
  • Lt (N) on 306

    at 81km
  • Lt (S) on Potters Creek Rd

    at 92km
  • Stay Rt on Potters Creek Rd

    at 96km
  • Rt (N) on Kestone

    at 99km
  • Turns into Cattail

    at 99km
  • Lt (S) on Lakeshore

    at 100km
  • Lt (W) on Mystic Shores Blvd

    at 101km
  • Straight on Mystic Shores

    at 105km
  • Rt (N) on Mystic Pkwy

    at 106km
  • Rejoin 306 Rt (W)

    at 106km
  • Lt (S) on Tanglewood Trail

    at 109km
  • Rt (W) on Cypress Cove Rd

    at 112km
  • Lt (SE) on Rebecca Creek Rd

    at 116km
  • Merge w/311 Lt (S) on 311

    at 131km
  • Left on 3159

    at 132km
  • Cross 46 Straight, turns into Smithson Vlly Rd

    at 133km
  • Rejoin 1863 Rt (W)

    at 142km
  • Lt (W) on East Ammonn Rd

    at 150km
  • Short 90* turns on Blanco then

    at 155km
  • Rejoin 3351 Lt (S) to Fair Oaks Ranch

    at 155km
  • F.O.R. Finish

    at 169km
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