“Early Dam ” is a safe, easy motorcycle ride in Western Australia.
colin hankinson
colin hankinson
November 4, 2021

Outbound from Hale Rd

ride visits Perth, Bedfordale.
  • Veteran Car Club WA

  • Perth

    at 0km
  • RA3 Hartfield Rd

    at 3km
  • TR Lewis Rd

    at 6km
  • TL Welshpool Rd

    at 6km
  • TR Canning Rd

    at 12km
  • TR Canning Dam Rd

    at 16km
  • TL Brookton Hwy

    at 24km
  • TR Gardiner Rd

    at 24km
  • TL to McNess Drive

    at 30km
  • TL To Canning Dam Lookout

    at 35km
  • Canning Dam Lookout

    at 35km
  • TR Albany Hwy

    at 40km
  • TL Sprinfield Rd

    at 44km
  • Bedfordale

    at 46km
  • Wungong Dam Comfort Stop

    at 47km
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