“Dome Valley, Martinez Lake & Imperial Dam Ride” is a motorcycle ride through Arizona and California, United States.
January 10, 2023

Los Amigos Clubhouse, Welton, Dome Valley, Matinez Lake (Fishers Landing) Lunch Stop, Yuma Proving Grounds & Return to Yuma & Yuma Foothills.

ride visits Fortuna, Fortuna Foothills, Ligurta, Castle Dome Landing, Laguna, Winterhaven.
  • Fortuna

    at 1km
  • Fortuna Foothills

    at 5km
  • Tin Top Bar & Grillò

    at 15km
  • Ligurta

    at 17km
  • Castle Dome Landing

    at 69km
  • Laguna

    at 106km
  • Entering California

  • Winterhaven

    at 131km
  • Entering Arizona

  • Yuma

    at 131km
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