“Deer Creek thru rocky Mnt national park, ending in golden co” is a scenic, twisty, difficult motorcycle ride in Colorado, United States.
June 8, 2015
ride visits Archer, Aspen Park, Evergreen, Idaho Springs, Central City, Nederland and 9 other places.
  • Archer

    at 0km
  • Deer Creek

    at 10km
  • Make the left up high grade

  • Pleasant Park

    at 24km
  • If you're in a hurry skip this next bit and just continue up to Conifer via Pleasant Park

  • Conifer

    at 36km
  • Aspen Park

    at 39km
  • Confier

    at 40km
  • Time to enjoy Shadow Mountian

  • Brook Forrest

    at 51km
  • If you come on sunday between 10-2pm you can enjoy a nice brunch at the brook forest inn

  • Evergreen

    at 61km
  • Wildflower cafe is nice place for a break & a coffee

  • Bear Creek

    at 68km
  • Squaw Pass

    at 76km
  • We are now starting our accent up Mt Evans

  • Mt Evans

    at 94km
  • Echo Lake Lodge - if you need a coffee and a break

  • West end Idaho Springs

    at 117km
  • Starbucks on east end of town, get gas if you need it

  • Central City Parkway

    at 121km
  • This is a meandering nice ride, sometimes LEO's hang out so be careful

  • Blackhawk

    at 135km
  • This is just a way to get to 119.

  • Central City

    at 136km
  • 119/46

    at 144km
  • 46 is golden gate canyon - awesome - LEO's!

  • Nederland

    at 167km
  • Backcountry pizza isnt bad,...

  • Ward

    at 183km
  • Nothing here, keep going

  • 72/7

    at 200km
  • 7 goes east to Lyons if you're tired.

  • Allenspark

    at 209km
  • Estes Park

    at 232km
  • Gas up, get some food, chill. 143.7 miles into the ride

  • Alpine Visitors Center

    at 271km
  • Take a photo, keep going

  • Trail Ridge Road

    at 288km
  • Closed winters, enjoy the view

  • Grand Lake

    at 303km
  • Granby

    at 333km
  • Tabernash

    at 351km
  • Fraser

    at 356km
  • Winter Park

    at 364km
  • Downieville-Lawson-Dumont

    at 409km
  • Golden

    at 451km
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