“DeanoDeluxe Circuit” is a scenic, twisty, safe motorcycle ride in Taranaki, New Zealand.
November 23, 2007
ride visits New Plymouth, Egmont Village, Onaero, Waiongona, Waitara.
On Road
Low traffic
Good visibility
Good surface
Excellent surface
  • Mobil Petrol Station

  • This route is a nice country/bush cruise on good sealed road.. lotsa wigglywogs if you like leaning your ride left right left right.. also a few nice straightaways to see what she can do!! No cops once you leave inglewood pub [bonus] untill you get back onto main rd heading back to New Plymouth..

  • New Plymouth

    at 1km
  • Meeting Of The Waters

    at 6km
  • If your a chain smoker stop here nice place. Good swimming hole if its hot!

  • Entrance to lakes

    at 10km
  • Ye Olde Shit Musem

    at 10km
  • Go right @ this intersection to end of road. Mountain House Cafe/Lookout

    at 12km
  • Last chance for an Ale if your thirsty [Pub]

    at 18km
  • Rest area [smokers]

    at 34km
  • Dont miss this turnoff

    at 39km
  • Cool Hand cut tunnel

    at 45km
  • Onaero

    at 55km
  • If you want some air time go straight ahead at this crossroad full tit 100m up road double humps on straight road!

    at 55km
  • Cool Swingbidge my greatgrandaddy built down this road [bikes only can get across so if fuzz is on your tail he 100% cant get yo

    at 58km
  • Waiongona

    at 61km
  • Wicked straights down this road!

    at 61km
  • Waitara

    at 65km
  • Good pub for a cold one park your ride in the garden bar..

    at 73km
  • The End!!!~!

    at 79km
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