“Tasmania Day 1 - Devonport to Marrawah” is a twisty, scenic motorcycle ride in Tasmania, Australia.
Jamie Kehoe
Jamie Kehoe
November 24, 2021

Ride past Cradle Mountain and some incredible roads inland including the coastal road to Stanley. Friday 7th of January

ride visits Devonport, Don, Forth, Wilmot, Henrietta, Yolla and 9 other places.
Good surface
  • Devonport - Spirit of Tasmania Wharf

    at 0km
  • Stepping off from the spirit of Tasmania, riding south toward Moina. Turn off right onto Murchison Hwy. Ride to Guildford. Ride through to Oonah on the A10. Ride to Table Cape Lookout. Ride to Rocky Cape Lighthouse. Ride to Stanley. 7th of January.

  • Don

    at 8km
  • Forth

    at 13km
  • Turn off for the ride south towards Moina.

  • Wilmot

    at 45km
  • Moina

    at 60km
  • Ride through on the way to Guildford. Hwy C132.

  • Turn off for A10

    at 104km
  • Need to turn right here to go up the A10 (Murchison Hwy) to Guildford.

  • Guildford

    at 118km
  • Head north on the Murchison Hwy A10 toward Oonah. Stop for a break in Guildford.

  • Oonah

    at 153km
  • Ride through Twisties and stop for a break at Oonah.

  • Henrietta

    at 160km
  • Yolla

    at 166km
  • Wynyard

    at 185km
  • Table Cape Lookout

    at 192km
  • Ride north and view the lighthouse at Wynyard.

  • Flowerdale

    at 200km
  • Boat Harbour

    at 202km
  • Rocky Cape Lighthouse

    at 218km
  • Stop by and check out this lighthouse at North Cave Beach.

  • Detention River

    at 219km
  • Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park

    at 263km
  • Check out Stanley - Maybe Lunch?

  • Smithton

    at 284km
  • Christmas Hills

    at 295km
  • Togari

    at 308km
  • Avoid the white sand road. Stay on A2.

  • Marrawah

    at 335km
  • Greenpoint Camping Ground

    at 337km
  • Staying overnight. Check out Green Point Beach.

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