“Cotter-Uriarra Loop” is a twisty motorcycle ride in ACT, Australia.
April 16, 2016
ride visits Canberra.
On Road
  • Cotter Rd, Wright ACT

  • This is a good RV point for riders coming from various parts of the city. This road is also a tourist and bicycle route so weekends, especially nice ones, are well trafficked by both. Early weekend starts or weekday rides are recommended. Be courteous to cyclists and car drivers and enjoy some nice twisty bits.

  • Canberra

  • Mt Stromlo Observatory

    at 2km
  • You can turn right and head up to the Observatory for some pleasant views. The road is in generally good condition, however, is also quite tight and narrow in parts. Bicycles and tourists also utilise the route so spirited riding is not advisable.

  • Equestrian Centre

    at 6km
  • Continue on past the Equestrian Centre which will be on your right

  • Scout Camp

    at 8km
  • Passing the Scout Camp on your left starts the 60kph section down to the bridge with a couple of tighter corners

  • Great looong LH corner

    at 9km
  • This is a great long LH corner which has the right camber and surface condition to make you feel like Wayne Gardener whilst hardly breaking the speed limit

  • Brindabella Rd turn-off

    at 10km
  • Turn right onto Brindabella Rd. This is the start of the twisty bits and sees bicycle competitions on the weekends as well as the occasional car "enthusiast" with a proclivity to do burn-outs on a few favourite bits (The favourite burnout sections will be obvious to you as you ride over them).

  • Uriarra Village

    at 14km
  • A regular place to stop, turn around and do the Brindabella strip again. Beware the reverse down-hill run as some of the slower right hand corners have Armco barriers and have been known to catch the unaware with dire consequences

  • Uriarra Rd Turn

    at 15km
  • There is an opportunity to turn left here and head further up Brindabella Rd for about 15-odd kilometres before it turns to dirt. There are some nice corners on a section of road that with less traffic than where you have just come from. The odd bicycle pelaton will occasionally be seen although a scoping run will ascertain surface condition and usage.

  • Uriarra Crossing

    at 21km
  • Turn right, cross the Uriarra Crossing. Beware of wash-out across the road after rain

  • Swallowtail/Uriarra Rd

    at 32km
  • Turn left onto Swallotail then proceed right onto John Gorton Dr and in approximately 2 kilometers you are back from where you started.

  • End/Start point

    at 32km
  • If you turn right onto John Gorton Dr you are only about 2klm from the start point where you can do it all again or call it quits for the day. Alternatively you can reverse the whole route.

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