“Coffee In Le Grand Bornand” is a scenic, twisty motorcycle ride through Geneva, Switzerland and Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France.
May 1, 2009
ride visits Genève, Chêne-Bougeries, Chêne-Bourg, Thônex, Gaillard, Annemasse and 9 other places.
Good surface
  • Genève

    at 0km
  • The End.

    at 0km
  • Chêne-Bougeries

    at 2km
  • Chêne-Bourg

    at 3km
  • Thônex

    at 3km
  • Entering Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France

  • Gaillard

    at 4km
  • Annemasse

    at 6km
  • Vétraz-Monthoux

    at 9km
  • Bonneville

    at 25km
  • Saint Jean de SIxt

    at 44km
  • Le Grand Bornand

    at 48km
  • Saint Jean de Sixt

    at 52km
  • Option to take either the D909 right to Thones or the longer left to La Clusaz¨.

  • Thônes

    at 61km
  • Charlet

    at 68km
  • Annecy-le-Vieux

    at 81km
  • Metz-Tessy

    at 85km
  • Pringy

    at 86km
  • Cruseilles

    at 100km
  • La Muraz

    at 113km
  • Option to climb to top of La Saleve with extensive views over Lac Leman. Tiny twisty road with poor surface.

  • Monnetier-Mornex

    at 117km
  • Mornex

    at 121km
  • RE-join route out.

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