“Camden - Robertson” is a motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
March 14, 2009
ride visits Picton, Bargo, Kangaloon, Mittagong, Colo Vale, Hill Top and 2 other places.
  • Picton

    at 32km
  • Bargo

    at 47km
  • Mittagong Airport

    at 70km
  • Kangaloon Rd

    at 80km
  • Kangaloon

    at 92km
  • Robertson

    at 101km
  • Nice pub and shops here

  • Robertson Pie Shop

    at 104km
  • Top of Macquarie Pass

    at 107km
  • Turn left here

  • East Kangaloon

    at 111km
  • Glenquarry

    at 124km
  • Turn right into Range Rd

  • Range Road

    at 127km
  • Old South Rd

    at 132km
  • cross Old South Rd and continue into Mittagong

  • Range Rd, Mittagong

    at 135km
  • Regent St

    at 135km
  • Crossing railway

  • Old Hume Hwy

    at 136km
  • Turn right at Old Hume

  • F5

    at 142km
  • Join F5 freeway

  • F5 exit

    at 142km
  • Take F5 exit to Colo Vale

  • Colo Vale

    at 146km
  • Hill Top

    at 151km
  • Balmoral

    at 158km
  • Buxton

    at 162km
  • Couridjah

    at 166km
  • Thirlmere

    at 169km
  • Rail Museum on RHS

  • Railway Line to Picton

    at 171km
  • cross rail and take next left

  • Picton

    at 174km
  • take first right at bottom of hill

  • Old Hume Hwy

    at 174km
  • turn left into Picton

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